School Shoes That are Perfect for High Schoolers

It's the start of another academic year, and your child is entering another milestone: high school. Where have all the years gone?


You remember when you bought them their first pair of school shoes. The crying, the running around, all those memories keep flashing back. And here you are, helping your child find a pair of school shoes that would make their new chapter less daunting.


Over the years, you've gone through all the styles that younger children prefer. But what does your child want now? Finding a pair of school shoes acceptable to them and their peers is part of growing up.


To help make the shopping experience easier, our team at Everflex will give you a rundown of styles appropriate for your young adult.


Lucky for you, the styles of Everflex school shoes cater to students of all ages. Furthermore, our styles follow uniform requirements, so you don't have to worry about a thing!


Read on to learn more!


Students and Their Varied Sizes 


 Everflex knows that children grow at different paces, so we offer styles of school shoes in a wide range of sizes. You can find something that will fit your child at every stage of development because we provide 16 children's sizes.


Check our helpful size guide to find an exact fit for your student. Please remember to measure the length and width of each of your children's feet.


No two pairs of feet are exactly alike, even if they come from the same person. Purchasing ill-fitting school shoes can impact their performance and overall health.


Giving growing feet space will promote healthy muscle and tendon growth, appropriate foot development, and avoiding any chronic issues developing into adult problems.


Here are some effects of wearing the wrong pair of school shoes:


  • It can lead to long-term problems with their feet, legs, and back.
  • Forcing the toes into a position that isn't natural can cause pain, bunions, calluses, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, and other problems.
  • Cramped toes can impair a person's stride, posture, and the growth of their back, leg, hip, and foot muscles.
  • Wearing the wrong school shoes all the time can stop the bones in the foot from growing correctly, making them permanently shorter and causing constant pain.


 Older Students Prefer Lace-Up Style


Everflex carries several styles of school shoes ideal for every developmental stage, such as pull-on boots, T-Bars, Mary Janes, Double Straps, Sneakers, and Lace-Ups.


But out of all these trendy styles, older students prefer the lace-up style because, at this stage, they can all tie their laces independently.


Girls and boys love these school shoes because they are the most mature and grown-up. They can tighten or loosen the laces at will. Some even change how they weave their footwear laces, probably a form of self-expression! 


Parents should always remind their kids to check their shoelaces and ensure they are the right length so they don't trip over them. Please allow us to explain more about laces and the fastening used on this footwear.


It moves through the eyelets on school shoes to give the whole foot the same tension. This reduces pressure points and improves blood flow below the ankle. Also, since it's the only fastener, not part of the shoe, you can wash and replace it.


As we mentioned, some students weave the laces differently or update the material and colour of the laces, thereby changing how the school shoes look! Doing so is a perfect way to show their identity in their new setting!


Some Older Girls Choose to Wear Mary Janes


The lace-up style is not for everyone, and that is okay! Older girls prefer the look and feel of baby doll school shoes, aka Mary Janes! These classic school shoes have been a uniform staple since they first came out.


We all want fresh feet, especially on hot days!


It's a good thing the open-top design of these school shoes allows for breathability, where air can enter and sweat can escape. In addition, their glossy finish, round-toe design, and flexible but sturdy sole make this footwear a popular choice for girls. 


Don't Forget to Add Sneakers and Trainers to Your Shopping Cart


Since your child will play sports and do other activities, these school shoes are just as important. At this stage, they are starting to join clubs and teams and must attend PE classes too!


These extracurriculars require school shoes that support them as they run, jump, skip, or do strenuous exercises. Our team at Everflex suggests you buy a pair of sneakers and the primary school shoes your child will wear.


Check the Materials—Compare With Top Brands


The material is essential to check when buying a pair of school shoes. As an alternative to leather, choosing vegan-friendly school shoes is good for the environment and its people, including you.


The production of vegan-friendly school shoes does not use animal products, contrary to leather, which comes from the skin of animals like sheep, cows, and goats.


The production also has lower costs because fewer steps are needed to make the school shoes, making this material more durable and affordable.


Additionally, vegan-friendly school shoes do not pollute or create a carbon footprint. Finally, this material provides the best defence against bad weather, given its weather resistance. Your child's feet need protection from getting wet and cold.


Pick Dark Colours – (Black School Shoes Remain the Standard!)


Choose black because it is the colour of choice for uniforms in most educational settings. In addition, you don't need to worry much since black school shoes don't appear to collect too much dirt. 


Protect their school shoes from grime and natural elements by polishing the footwear regularly.


You can purchase instant shine from Everflex to prolong your school shoes. 


Make your child's Experience Memorable!


The ideal pair of school shoes for your teenager is waiting at Everflex. This part of their life is monumental, and we want to help make it extra memorable! Our footwear brand will provide them with the support and comfort they need at the right price! 


At Everflex, we want to ensure your child's school shoes are durable and will keep their feet covered and protected. Compare with Clarks, Harrison, Hush Puppies, Crocs, and Skechers, just to name a few.


Head to the Everflex online shop (website:, where our range of shoes is broken down into categories from toddler to adult men's and women's. You can also visit the store nearest you!


We want to make the shopping experience as easy and stress-free as possible. To get started, you must browse our school shoe selection. You can find items according to brand, price, and style.


Once you've selected the pair of shoes you like, add it to your cart and check out. You can also agree to our approximate delivery time and return policies.

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