School Shoes That Are Made to Last!

Get ready for the new year by investing in a new set of school shoes. If your children have a pair of kicks that need some serious attention, then you are in the right place. Our range of school shoes is sure to make your children super happy. However, it can feel super challenging when trying to find a pair of school shoes for your children and especially finding the right pair of kicks that can last a lifetime.


 That is why the team here at the Everflex store have gathered a range of school shoes that we know you will love. These kicks are sure to last throughout the year and keep your children's feet safe and protected. So take a view below to see what we offer for you. 


Style 1 – Lace-ups


First up on our list is the pair of lace-ups. These are the type of kids school shoes that every child needs in their life. You will find that lace-ups are super sturdy, supportive, and comfortable to wear throughout the day. There is no more comfy feeling than the one your child will experience with a set of these kicks on their feet.


 We know that investing in good quality school shoes is super necessary. However, the best thing about lace-up school shoes is that they adhere to the most uniform requirements at every education institution. 


These kicks are a classic go-to, which is why we recommend getting your hands on a pair. In addition, a pair of lace-up school shoes will keep your child's feet protected throughout the day. Your child will surely want this to their wishlist. These school shoes are a win-win in our eyes! 


Style 2 – Mary-Jane


Say hello to our range of Mary-Jane school shoes. These are the type of kicks that every girl needs in her life. These are our go-to pair of school shoes for girls to wear all year long. You will find that these are comfortable, supportive, and super stylish. Your daughter and her friends can invest in a pair of these girls' school shoes, and all match for days of study and play. 


You will love how happy your daughter will look and feel in a pair of these Mary-Jane school shoes. These kicks feature a T-buckle design, with geometric cut-outs around the outer material. This tip ensures that your daughter's footwear is breathable and comfortable for a day in the classroom. 


These are the perfect set of school shoes to wear all year long. So whether it is summer or winter, you can trust that your pair of Mary-Jane school shoes will look perfect on your daughter's feet. Find a store that will provide you with the shoes your child's needs. Go to Everflex!


Style 3 – Touch-fastening 


Does your child hate to wake up early? Do they struggle to get ready for the day? If you are nodding your head yes to both of these questions, then you are in the right place. Lucky for you, we have found a super easy-to-wear pair of school shoes for your children. 


That's right! We are talking about our selection of touch-fastening kicks. You will love how happy and comfy these kicks are to wear for your children. The best thing about this shoe item is that your child can slip their feet into them with ease. All they have to do is wake up in the morning, get changed, eat breakfast, and slip their feet into their touch-fastening school shoes. 


Your child will love to wear a pair of these touch-fastening school shoes if they struggle to wake up in the morning. There is nothing better than your children rocking a set of these school shoes throughout a day full of learning and play. 


Style 4 – Boots


Get ready for the cooler seasons of the year with our range of boots. These are the ultimate set of school shoes for your children to wear when the weather starts to change from hot to cold. These boots are guaranteed to keep your child's feet safe and secure all day long. In addition, you will find that a pair of these school shoes feature a sturdy front and high ankle cut.


 This design ensures that your child's feet stay protected from hard objects and avoids any substances such as rain or mud from entering the footwear. Boots are the perfect set of school shoes for every child. Whether they are an active kid or a studious child, you can trust that they will love wearing a set of boots for the day.


 The best thing about these school shoes is that they are suitable for males and females. So if you have more than one child, this tip can save you time and money on new school shoes. 


Style 5 – Trainers


These kicks are dedicated to active children. If your child enjoys playing sport and running around the oval at recess and lunch, then they are going to thrive in a pair of these school shoes. We highly recommend investing in a set of trainers for your child. If they love to spend the day running around and playing with other kids, they will thrive in some trainers.


 These are the type of school shoes that every kid needs in their life. You will find that trainers are super supportive of their feet and offer a sturdy fastening method. In addition, they do not lose a pair of kicks. Trainers are the pair of school shoes that active children will be super happy to wear from morning until night.


 We know that every parent will love to see their child happy in their pair of school shoes. That is why we recommend investing in a set of trainers for your active child. So add these kicks to your shopping cart right now!


Style 6 – Accessories 


One thing that every parent forgets to invest in when shopping for school shoes is to get their hands on accessories. These are a must-have with every pair of kicks you buy. In addition, we recommend investing in some innersoles for your child's set of school shoes. 


This type of accessory can help to add an extra layer of comfort to your child's feet and support them throughout the day. Get your hands on a set of backup socks and laces as well. You will never know when you will need them most, but we can assure you that there will be a time that you do. 


Ready to Get Your Hands on a New Pair of School Shoes?


You will get crowned the best parent in the world when you invest in a pair of comfy and sturdy school shoes. There is nothing better than seeing your children with a smile on their faces. This tip is thanks to the range of footwear that they have on their feet. 


So head to the Everflex brands shop website today to get your hands on a new pair! Register using your email address and continue shopping with us!