School Shoes That Are Ideal for Little Kids

Everflex school shoe styles support children at any stage of development, especially since they grow at different paces. Early-age students, for instance, still need to possess lace-tying skills and prefer footwear that they can easily open or close.

You need not worry because there are school shoes suitable for your kid. Other options do not need lace-tying skills at Everflex.

You can compare the Everflex brand with popular brands like Roc, Asics, Clarks, Skechers, Harrison, Nike,

Let our team help you determine which is perfect for your kid . At Everflex, we prioritise your child's overall comfort, ensuring they can perform their best in class. Read on to learn more!


Without Fastening 

Early-age little kids, particularly those going to class for the first time, need school shoes that they can put on without the hassle of fastenings. Everflex has a style available for boys.


Pull-On Boots—School Shoes Boys and Girls Appreciate When It's Cold

Parents of early starters choose these school shoes for how easy it is to wear them without fasteners. The elastic side gussets make it easy to put the boots on, and they can stretch to fit kids with wider feet. 

The coverage of these school shoes is unbeatable. They keep the foot warm and protect it from foreign objects up to the ankles. These boots also have thick soles that provide traction and stability, making them ideal for active children who run and play with their peers.


Touch-Fastening Straps 

Touch-fastening straps are one of the two non-lace fastenings available at Everflex, a game-changer for kids still mastering lace tying. These straps feature two nylon fabric strips that work together to keep the school shoes securely in place. 

One strip has tiny, hooked threads, and the other has a rough surface that attaches when pressed together. As a result, your kid can lock and remove their school shoes by themselves. 

However, they must exert more force to pry the straps apart, creating a distinct ripping sound that lets you know the footwear is off.

Some considerations concerning touch-fastening straps: 

  • The straps have a limited lifespan and can lose their sticking power after opening and closing around 8,000 times, so you'll need to purchase a new pair of school shoes when that happens.
  • Straps can easily collect lint, dirt, or other debris, affecting their performance, but you can use everyday household items like tweezers and duct tape to clean them.
  • Straps can damage other materials they come in contact with because of their adhesion.
  • The distinctive noise they make when prying the straps apart can be annoying.  

Here are a few Everflex school shoes that use touch-fastening straps, which you can choose for your little kids.


Double Straps 

Double-strap school shoes combine the comfort and flexibility of a trainer with the formal look of classic academic footwear. They feature dual touch-fastening straps, providing a secure fit and keeping footwear in place during active play and recess. 

In addition, the sole of these school shoes offers excellent support and stability, making young feet protected and comfortable the whole day.


Mary Janes 

Mary Jane school shoes are a classic style that has been a staple in girls' uniform for years. This style has an open-top design that allows air to circulate and sweat to escape, keeping your child's feet fresh throughout the day, especially on warm days. 

Unlike the double-strap, Mary Janes have only one touch-fastening strap to secure them. People flock to these range of school shoes designed with round-toe and flexible yet durable sole.



Buckles, the second non-lace fastening at Everflex, are a type of fastening device that secures two loose ends of the school shoes by holding one end by an attachment and the other by a catch in a safe but adjustable way. 

Your little one can easily use them by selecting which hole to hook the buckle on the school shoes. 

It gives your child greater independence and control over the adjustability of their footwear.  Everflex has school shoes that utilise buckle fastening, suitable for little kids with outgrown touch-fastening straps.



The T-Bar school shoes are classics and will never go out of style. They are perfect for girls with higher arches. They feature two or more straps forming one or more T-shapes, which adjustable buckles secure. 

These school shoes provide a flattering look to the feet, are easy to wear, and are incredibly supportive of your child's feet. In addition, their cushioning offers optimum support and comfort for the ankle area.


How to Keep Footwear Clean 

Maintaining the top condition of your little kid's school shoes requires a few steps. For starters, using a waterproof protective spray is essential to protect against salt and water stains, especially in winter. 

Newspapers have more than one purpose! By stuffing them inside, you hit two birds with one stone: you preserve the shape of the school shoes and absorb their moisture. 

More importantly, avoid exposing the footwear to direct heat and remind children to wear socks to prevent blisters and sores and preserve the freshness of the footwear. Grab a pair of new socks from Everflex!


How to Clean Touch-Fastening Straps 

Maintaining your little kid's school shoes doesn't have to break the bank. With just a few household tools, you can keep the touch-fastening straps in tip-top shape.

Tweezers and lint rollers are excellent for removing dirt and debris, while you can use duct tape when dealing with stubborn grime. 

Finally, keep the touch-fastening straps clean and tidy to ensure they lock properly and prolong the life of the school shoes. With a little effort, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to keep their footwear looking brand new.


How to Remove Tarnish from Buckles 

Unleash the power of ketchup to bring the buckles of your girls'and boys' school shoes back to life! Who knew a condiment from your kitchen could work wonders on tarnished metal? 

Grab a small dish or cup, place the buckle in it, and pour on some ketchup. Ensure that there are no air bubbles. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then use a plastic scrub pad to remove the tarnish. 

Repeat the process if needed, and voila! The buckles of the school shoes will shine like new again.


Let Your Child Enjoy Learning with Lace-Free Kids' School Shoes! 

There are plenty of alternatives to laces. Everflex carries various styles of school shoes ideal for your little kids. Explore these choices and find the perfect one to keep your little one comfortable, supported and covered all year.

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