School Shoes That are Easy for Those Busy Mornings

Mornings can be hectic, especially when kids are getting ready for school. Finding the right school shoes that fit, are comfortable, and durable can be challenging. Then, in frustration, you start looking for easy school shoes for busy mornings. 


Choosing a style that fits this requirement will give you more time to accomplish other things. Where can I find footwear like that?


Fortunately, the Everflex brand has styles and ranges of school shoes that provide many benefits.


You don't need to look far, as Everflex has a varied collection of durable school shoes.


Essential Features (Not Your Ordinary Black School Shoes!)


Your child's feet will continually develop until puberty, so their school shoes must have the following features for ample support. 


1. A Wide Toe Box


Let's start with the wider toe box and how this feature can support your child's toes to develop correctly. Their toes need to spread naturally in the school shoes for balance and coordination. It provides breathability, development, and growth.


Did you know that when adults have squished toes, bunions, or ingrown toenails, they likely have ill-fitting footwear when they are younger?


2. Adjustable Fastening Mechanism


School shoes must have an adjustable fastening mechanism to keep the footwear firmly in place. Fasteners keep the footwear in place and prevent the toes from clawing to grip the footwear. Ensure the fastenings are adjustable to avoid squishing your child's rapidly growing feet.


Everflex's fastenings include laces, buckles, and touch-fastening straps. However, the easy ones for busy mornings are buckles and touch-fastening straps. 


 3. Flexibility


Your child's foot strength, muscle growth, and balance will improve depending on which school shoes let them move more naturally. As extensions of your child's feet, their footwear should mimic barefoot movement. Grab each and hold the toe and heel parts to check the flexibility of your child's school shoes.


Rotate them in opposite directions and observe for movement. Another way is to fold the footwear from toe to heel. Ensure the shoes' soles are flexible and thick enough to protect the feet. 


4. Lightweight


Your child will thank you for providing them with lightweight school shoes because it will save their leg muscles from getting tired faster. Hefty footwear will force your child's muscles, feet, and legs to exert more energy and work harder. You want to avoid those school shoes when your kid is still developing muscle strength. 


5. Firm and Strong Heel Counter


Your child's school shoes must have a firm and strong heel counter to provide support on either side of the heel. The heel counter is the footwear portion that wraps around the back of the heel. Ensure this part is in your child's school shoes to prevent pain and poor posture.


Verify the fit by pinching the sides of the footwear. It is firm when you can't lift or squeeze the back. 


 Everflex Styles vs. Top Brands


Your child's health is our priority, so after enumerating features you should look for when you shop for a pair of school shoes, we head to the styles. Admittedly, we all have busy days where we need more time to do things. So, in addition to preparing breakfast and lunches, you also need to help them dress up and wear their footwear. 


Our team will walk you through the simple shoe ideal for hectic mornings. Check out the Everflex school shoes! Compare our black school and sports shoe versions with those from top brands like Clarks, Harrison, Hush Puppies, Skechers, etc.


Style 1—T-Bar


The T-Bar is a comfortable style of school shoes for girls, popular among those with higher insteps. This style has a buckle that secures two thin straps that form a single T. In addition, it has a wide toe box, an essential feature that provides enough room for the toes to wiggle. 


The buckle works by securing two loose ends of the footwear. It holds one by a hook and the other by a catch, keeping them safe but letting them move. The strap on most of the school shoes has holes in it, which a buckle latches onto to close.


The tightness of the fit will depend on the hole where you fasten the buckle. 


 Style 2—Mary Janes


Mary Janes have become a staple pair of school shoes for girls since the fashion style started. This style is popular because it complies with most dress code regulations. In addition, these school shoes are perfect for those busy mornings because of the touch-fastening strap that secures them.


All you have to do is press both strips together to lock them. These school shoes are incredibly breathable because of their open top, which allows air to enter and sweat to escape.


Style 3—Pull-On Boots


This crowd favourite is a popular style of school shoes for boys because they go well with uniforms. Get this if you're looking for a style to help you relax during busy mornings! You only need to allow your child to slip their feet inside the ankle boots without any fastenings.


These boys' school shoes have elastic side gussets for a slip-on fit and maximum comfort. Children can put on and take off these school shoes quicker thanks to the two tabs at the top. Also, boots cover the whole foot up to the ankle, keeping your child safe from things that could get stuck in their shoes. 


While the lack of fastening makes these school shoes easier to put on during busy mornings, nothing secures the footwear, which may cause him to remove it accidentally.


Style 4—Double Straps


This school shoe style for boys and girls has double touch-fastening straps that keep the footwear in place. Two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface, make up touch-fastening straps. Pressing the two nylon fabric strips together will bind them and seal the school shoes. 


With just a few seconds to close, this style is easy for busy mornings. Removing the school shoes will require force to separate the two strips, creating a distinctive ripping sound while you do. 


Make life easier for you and your student! Order a pair of kids' school shoes now!


Although popular, brands like Clarks, Asics, Nike, Skechers, and Harrison can be costly. Everflex provides a variety of shoes to suit children of all ages. Our range of school shoes, designed to be supportive and durable, makes them perfect for those busy mornings. 


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With the time, effort, and money saved, you can find the perfect school shoes for those busy mornings. We understand how hectic mornings can be. However, you need to figure out what to do first or how to divide yourself into two, so you can accomplish more things in less time. Then, you must dress up for work and help your kid prepare for their classes.


Don't wait any longer! Buy a pair of school shoes from Everflex to make busy mornings more bearable! Then, head to our online store or the stockist nearest you. You can add instant shine to your shopping cart to keep your school shoes looking brand new.


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