School Shoes That are Best for Growing Feet

Did you know that your child's feet continue to develop until puberty? They grow, some at a faster rate, until a certain age, so they must wear school shoes designed for growing feet.


Your child will be wearing this pair five days a week.


Ill-fitting footwear can cause trouble down the road, so prevent that by buying a pair of school shoes from Everflex. The team at Everflex gathered the critical characteristics you should look for in your child's footwear.


Choose from a variety of styles such as children's school shoes, toddler shoes, uniform shoes and more.


You can also check out the shoes designed for more support, like those with arch support, heel support, and wider fit.


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Before Putting Them on Your Shopping Cart, Do the School Shoes Tick All These?


Comfortable Footwear 


No matter how stylish the school shoes are, comfort is crucial for a successful day. Therefore, parents must find a pair of school shoes made precisely for their child's needs.


Some tips to consider:


• Toe Box


Footwear with a wide toe box will save your kid from injuries and discomfort caused by squeezed toes.


Their toes must have enough space to wiggle and move.


• Midsole


Correct cushioning based on your child's foot type will provide them with the comfort they need to concentrate on their classes. 


The correct midsole or footwear "floor" will save your child's soles from pain and strain.


Flexibility Is Essential


 A child's growing feet should not experience any restriction as they walk from one class to another. Ideally, walking should have a natural rolling motion from toe to heel. Flexible school shoes must support this rolling motion.


To gauge flexibility, twist the footwear in opposite directions. The school shoes must twist only a little bit. Anything more than that is too much. 


You can also check the footwear by bending the school shoes. Ideally, it should bend slightly in the midsole but not to the extent where the toe touches the heel.


Choose Lightweight Footwear


Would you like to walk with footwear like heavy bricks? If your answer is no, your kid likely feels the same.


School shoes become lightweight because of their materials. Your kid can walk more fluidly in lightweight footwear because they don't add any excess weight that can impact their posture or stride.


A compromised back can cause numerous issues, including back and shoulder pain. Also, the lightweight material of the school shoes is breathable and can help keep your child's feet cool and dry on extra-hot days.


Ensure the Footwear is Adjustable to Accommodate Growing Feet


The fastenings on your child's school shoes make them adjustable, so your kid can tighten or loosen them anytime. The available fastenings at Everflex are touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. 


Tightening the school shoes can give the heel more support and make it less likely to slip out of the shoe. However, please don't make it too tight, as it can harm your child's growing feet. 


Correct Length


To get a good measurement of your child's feet, take out the innersoles of their school shoes. Then, ask your kid to stand and place their foot on the innersole. 


Check that their toes, particularly the longest one, are about a thumb's width from the inner sole's end. This space will give the toes enough room to move around and prevent them from bunching up at the end.


Everflex Styles Best for Growing Feet (As Compared to Top Brands)


Style 1—Double Straps


Footwear with double straps is ideal for girls and boys still learning to tie laces. 


It mixes the formal look of traditional school shoes with the flexible and comfy soles of trainers.


Two touch-fastening straps keep the shoes on, so your kid can run and play on the playground without you having to worry about him or her.


Two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface, make up touch-fastening straps.


You secure the school shoes by pressing the two nylon fabric strips together to lock them. Forcing the two strips apart will open the footwear, creating a pronounced ripping sound while you do so. 


Although these school shoes cover the entire foot, they are breathable and stylish, making them ideal for support on hot summer days.


Style 2—T-Bar


These Everflex school shoes are ideal for girls with higher insteps. This footwear has a buckle securing two or more straps that form one or more T shapes.


Why is this style the best school shoes for growing feet?


  • Flattering to the feet
  • Easy to wear
  • Gives incredible support
  • Cushioning provides optimum support and comfort for the ankle area


As the fastener for these school shoes, the buckle keeps the footwear in place as your daughter runs around and plays outdoors.


The clasp secures two loose ends of the footwear by latching onto the hole on the strap.


Your child can loosen or tighten the fit to suit their comfort by locking the buckle on any holes in the strap of their school shoes. 


Style 3—Mary Janes


The open-top style of Mary Janes is the ideal pair of school shoes for growing feet during hot summer days.


It is a popular style for girls who want classic, breathable shoes because the open top lets air in and moisture out. 


With touch-fastening straps, your daughter can tighten or loosen the shoes to give her growing feet the comfort they need. 


The slightly padded sole makes the school shoes comfortable during a busy day. 


These school shoes will protect your kidfrom pain and discomfort, which could distract them from their studies. 


Style 4—Pull-On Boots (Not Your Ordinary Black School Shoes!)


Their compatibility with dress code requirements and uniforms makes these school shoes popular for boys. All you need to do is assist your son in putting their feet inside the ankle boots because there are no fasteners.


The elastic side gussets of these boys' school shoes allow for a slip-on fit and maximum comfort for growing feet. Also, the two tabs on the top make it easy for your kid to put on and take off the shoes. 


Pull-on ankle boots cover the whole foot and ankle, making it harder for things to get stuck in the shoes. 


The absence of a fastener makes these school shoes simpler to put on, but nothing holds the footwear in place, which could lead him to take it off and hurt himself unintentionally.


Give Your Child the Best!


Discomfort can hinder your child's performance in their classes. So when considering school shoes, shop for a brand or a pair that will support your kid's growing feet.


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