School Shoes Perfect For Him And Her!

Are you shopping for school shoes for more than one child? Everflex has an array of styles for your daughter and son that would suit them both! Our impressive selection is sure to please parents, especially at such low and affordable prices! Do you want to hear more about our school shoes? We'll tell you why they're the perfect pick for your kids! 


Everflex has traditional school shoes for every kind of student! 


Did you know that most of our styles are unisex? It's true! After all, it's hard to go wrong with such classic and timeless school shoes. So, regardless of what sort of child you need to buy a new pair for, Everflex has a set that can cater to their needs easily!


We have a whole host of conventional school shoes, which includes styles that have laced uppers, buckled top backs, or have touch-fastening straps! Our collection can cater to students of all ages, and that means you're guaranteed to find the ideal match for your child! 


Everflex has an impressive range of sizes for school shoes too! 


When it comes to shopping for different sizes at Everflex, you're spoiled for choice!


For starters, our school shoes fit an age range that stretches from toddlers to fully-grown adults. The transition from our kids' styles to ones for men and women is a smooth process too since the largest children's sizes line up with the smallest adult ones seamlessly.


Secondly, each of our school shoes comes in a decent spread of sizes too. One stellar design can last your child for years and years because all you'll need to do is update them with a larger size whenever your child outgrows their current set.


Take note of the style name of your child's new school shoes when you next shop at Everflex, and if they became favourites, you'll have a go-to until they graduate!  


Who's shopping for girls this season?


Everflex has some fashionable school shoes for students to try out in 2021! For instance, our glossy Mary-Jane sandals with geometric cut-outs are a fabulous choice and a fun switch from your typical classroom styles. If your child is bored with conventional school shoes, then these shiny sandals might be their ideal alternative. 


In our footwear collection, we have Mary-Jane styles for girls of all ages, so there are great pairs in our range for kids and women. However, you may want to double-check your child's student dress code before adding these school shoes into your shopping cart. After all, while these sandals are sensational, some administrations won't allow girls over a certain age to wear them. Of course, once you've confirmed that you're good to go, we know your girls will love their Mary-Jane school shoes! 


Any kid would love our sneakers or trainers!


Like many of our classic school shoes, sportswear at Everflex is mainly unisex. After all, every child with weekly PE lessons, afternoon activities, or club sports will need top-tier activewear. Luckily, Everflex is more than ready to take on that challenge and provide the best school shoes for the job! Since these styles are supposed to be accessible for any students, we've kept the colour-scheme simple and easy-to-match.


As such, you'll see that our top sneakers come in entirely white and fully black versions. If your child loves playing outside and wouldn't hesitate to drag their pair across a muddy patch or through a puddle, then the black school shoes are their ideal choice. 


Are you ready to have a look?


Now that you've finished reading about our school shoes, you should have a better idea of which ones to get!

Have a browse of the Everflex website today to see your options up close!