School Shoes for the Whole Family

If you think school shoes are only for students and learners, it's time to break that misconception. Since they are usually in black, they can pass off as workplace and casual footwear, depending on how you style them. 

It's proof that versatility is a trait of Everflex school shoes.

People of all ages will love the different styles because they're durable and comfortable. Everyone can benefit from the same features of school shoes that protect your child's feet. 

Wouldn't you grab it if you could get supportive footwear that ticks all the necessary components?

Please get to know each available style of Everflex school shoes and how they are perfect for the whole family. The team at Everflex will explain and convince you to add a pair of school shoes for the family. 

If you're keen to discover more, let's start!


1. Mary Janes for the daughter

Mary Janes are a classic style of school shoes for girls with a strap across the instep and a rounded toe—comfortable, supportive, and breathable are top characteristics of this footwear. 

The single touch-fastening strap across the instep is for security, the round toe provides enough room for your child's toes to move freely, and the open top allows air to circulate and keep your daughter's feet fresh all day.

These school shoes are like the footwear that dolls wear and would be ideal for your daughter because they always remind you of fragile and delicate dolls. Your daughter can wear the footwear in the classroom and at special events. 

Check out Lacey or Stacey, as these Everflex Mary Jane school shoes can add something extra to any look, even if it's as simple as shorts and a shirt.


2. Pull-on Ankle Boots for the son

Like the Mary Janes, getting your son a pair of versatile pull-on boots is a score. These school shoes feature a slip-on design with elastic side gussets for easy on and off. 

These boots provide ankle support and are durable to withstand everyday wear and tear, especially if your child loves to play on the playground and participate in classroom activities. 

Grip and traction are in these school shoes to keep your son steady and safe.

You've scored a steal with these school shoes as they are versatile, which your son can wear in the classroom or on formal occasions. The style works fashionably well with uniforms and suits. 

Check out Benson and save a spot for these school shoes in your family shoe closet.


3. Double straps for older sister or brother

Double-strap unisex school shoes are an excellent choice for your older son or daughter. 

This style is ideal for playground or classroom wear because the two touch-fastening straps ensure your children have a comfortable fit while doing their activities. 

These school shoes suit sporty kids who need extra support and steadfast soles to keep up with their active lifestyle.

Double straps are easy to fasten, so older students who tend to take so much preparation time will arrive on time for class. And if they want to wear these school shoes while doing errands at the end of the day, they can do so. 

The footwear style matches well with jeans and a nice top. Add Verb to the basket now!


4. T-Bar for mum

T-bar school shoes are a practical and stylish choice for mums who want to go twinning with their daughters. This footwear style is like Mary Janes but with buckled T straps over the instep.

The school shoes' straps provide extra support, security, and stability, making them ideal for busy mums constantly on the go. We know how busy mums can be, and footwear is the least of their priorities. 

The buckle fastening will ensure these school shoes won't come off as Mum dashes to finish each item in her long list of tasks. 

The open-top design and laser geometric cut-outs can ensure mum stays comfortable and fresh during a warm summer or spring day.

As with other Everflex school shoes, the T-Bar is versatile, and you can wear them with dresses while you hang with friends for brunch or with tights and a loose top when you need to go to the grocery or fetch the children from their classes at the end of the day. 

Choose between Jilly 2 and Staple, as these two Everflex T-Bar school shoes are worthy of a spot in the shoe closet.


5. Lace-Up for dad

Lace-up leather school shoes are an excellent choice for dads needing a durable and stylish work wardrobe. The lace-up design provides a secure fit, while the leather ensures the footwear lasts longer. 

These classic school shoes offer adjustability to give fathers control over the fit, whichever event they are in. More importantly, leather is easy to clean and provides insulation and breathability that keep dads comfortable whatever the weather is.

Workday meetings or rushing off to meet deadlines are more comfortable with the lace-up style. And since laces are independent of the school shoes, dads don't have to worry about replacing the footwear when the laces reach the end of life. 

All they must do is get replacement laces.

These school shoes are ideal for the workplace and after-work events. They are black and would pass off as formal footwear. Versatility makes them appropriate for various occasions, while style ensures they match most of Dad's clothes well. 

Check Tutor, Learn, or Exceed and choose which of the three possesses the features and style Dad will love most.


6. Sneakers or trainers for everyone

An active family stays healthy longer. Taking up a sport or exercising is essential to a healthy life. But always remember to protect everyone's feet when they complete strenuous activities. 

Choose any of the sneakers in the Everflex collection, as these school shoes have features to ensure everyone remains cosy and supported. 

An injury is no joke and can affect the family. Stay protected and enjoy active bonding moments with each other while wearing these Everflex school shoes. You can all get matching colours or similar styles from the sneakers and trainers.

Everflex Shoes competes with industry leaders like Asics, Harrison, Skechers, Clarks, Roc, and Nike by stocking a large selection of kids' school shoes and sneakers or trainers for everyone. You can choose the best shoes for your kid because each brand offers something unique.


Everyone Can Enjoy Everflex School Shoes!

There's an Everflex school shoe for everyone in the family. Head to the nearest retailer or online store. Ensure you get your accurate Everflex size with the help of the handy size guide

Everflex has school shoes boys, and girls enjoy. This brand is popular among adults too. These shoes have many benefits, including comfort, support, and long-lasting. They can do recess and morning desk work.

Finding quality school shoes online has never been easier. Everflex lets you clear filters and shops online for your family's needs.

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