School Shoes Don't Have to be Boring… Check Out These Fun Sneakers!

Who says school shoes have to be boring? The colours allowed for uniforms can be limiting, but the styles don't need to be boring. We remind parents to confirm the dress code regulations with the educational facility before purchasing sneakers. Are you looking for school shoes?


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Some are lenient, but others are not. But you'll be fine with the fun sneakers at Everflex. There are two sets of sneakers your child can use as school shoes.


Both sets come in black and white. Wearing these school shoes feels like you are wearing trainers. However, aesthetic and style-wise, they appear like classic school shoes for girls and boys.


The difference between these sets is that one uses lace fastening while the other has touch-fastening straps. We will delve more into them in a bit. But first, we share the benefits of using our sneakers as school shoes for your child.


Read on to learn more.


Why are These School Shoes Good for Your Child?


The following are characteristics of these sneakers that are beneficial to your child. Wearing these school shoes will protect their feet, which are still developing until puberty.


1. Padded heel


A padded or cushioned heel reduces the impact and safeguards the child's developing joints. In addition, school shoes with thick soles and arch support lessen the risk of experiencing pain while they stand or walk.


2. Airy and Breathable


When school shoes are airy and breathable, there is a way for air to enter and moisture to escape. As a result, it reduces the risk of bacterial and fungi buildup.


3. Lightweight


It's safe to say that your child won't want to walk with bricks strapped to their feet. In addition, heavier sneakers mean muscles, feet, and legs need to exert more effort, tiring them faster. The good news is these school shoes are lightweight, so they won't add any extra weight that can influence your child's posture or stride when walking.


Your child may experience some issues as an adult due to a damaged spine, including shoulder and back pain. They must learn proper posture early on with help from their school shoes.


4. Flexible


Why is flexibility essential? Stiff school shoes will hinder your child from walking naturally, typically in a rolling motion from heel to toe, leading to blisters or muscular strain. Can you imagine how painful it can be as your child walks from one class to another?


Everflex sneakers are flexible. To gauge the flexibility of school shoes, twist the footwear in opposite directions. The ideal level is a little twist. However, anything that twists into a complete spiral is too much.


A second way to check flexibility is through bending. Ideally, it should bend slightly in the midsole, but not until the toe touches the heel.


Two Sets of Fastening


As we've mentioned, the sneakers at Everflex come in two sets: one uses laces, and the other uses touch-fastening straps. The team at Everflex breaks down the differences between the two to help you decide on the perfect school shoes for your child.


1. Lace Fastening


Laces are long, thin strings that tie the sneakers in place. It works by moving through the holes in the school shoes. This gives the whole foot the same tension, reduces pressure points, and improves blood flow below the ankle. Also, this fastener is separate from the school shoes, so you can wash and replace it without changing the shoes.


It's good because you can change the laces without buying the entire footwear. Updating your laces, such as their colour or material, changes the whole look of your school shoes. Some people prefer laces since they are easily changeable and do not wear out as quickly as other fastenings.


For example, touch-fastening straps wear out over time and stop working, so the parent has to buy a new pair of school shoes because the straps are part of the shoes. Check the available laces on Everflex's shoe care page if you need replacement laces.


2. Touch-Fastening Straps


Two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface, make up touch-fastening straps, which lock and form a firm bond when squeezed together. They are so easy to fasten that your child can do it with one hand. The child must use force to pull the strips apart to open the school shoes.


The fastenings make a distinctive ripping sound while being pulled apart. Your child can open and close touch-fastening straps roughly 8,000 times before they lose their adhesion.


This fastener has a few drawbacks, such as:


  • Straps regularly pick up lint, dirt, or other stray particles, diminishing their effectiveness.
  • The straps attach to materials and can damage them.
  • The noise they make when pulling the touch-fastening straps apart.


The Perfect Pair of School Shoes


Your child's school shoes must be well-fitted on top of being stylish. But what good will it be if they are wearing footwear that may cause their feet harm in the end? So, after explaining why the sneakers at Everflex are school shoes that aren't boring, here are some features you must also look into.


1. The ideal fit


The ideal pair of school shoes must fit comfortably in both width and length. You must measure each of your children's feet from both angles to get an accurate measurement. Consult our handy size guide to familiarize yourself with the children's sizes at Everflex.


2. Enough room for growth


Please remember that your child's feet will continue to grow and develop until puberty, so there must be enough space. The safest distance is about 1 cm from the top of the longest toe to the edge of the school shoes, or roughly a thumb's width.


3. Do the toe wiggle test.


Check the fit of your child's school shoes with the "wiggle test." Giving your child enough room for their toes to move around helps improve their balance, strength, and flexibility.


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