School Shoe Shopping With Everflex Is the Way to Go!

The end of vacation signifies it's time to shop for academic necessities to ensure your child can perform and focus throughout the year. The list gets longer each time, with school shoes, socks, bags, lunchboxes, water bottles, pens, and notebooks topping the list. Can you imagine if each one had its dos and don'ts to memorise?

Everflex understands the challenge, so the brand thought of helping you shop the most critical necessity without hassle. Providing school shoes for years has made the brand an expert on what your child needs and wants and curated a collection that meets each. Since the Everflex school shoes already tick all the essential features that ensure a seamless learning activity, there is no additional work on your end. 

If you've ever wondered how the brand makes shopping for school shoes a breeze, our team at Everflex highlighted how. Let's start!


Everflex uses quality and durable materials. 

Finding school shoes that withstand wear and tear, natural elements, and rough play can be challenging. Parents get frustrated whenever their child comes home with damaged footwear, requiring repair or replacement. You can stop worrying now because Everflex school shoes do not break that quickly. 

With quality and durable materials like leather and vegan-friendly, your child can chase friends, climb monkey bars, and run around the playground safely. The school shoes use premium quality leather to ensure longevity. Not to mention, leather also provides breathability and insulation, keeping your child comfortable despite erratic weather.

Vegan-friendly school shoes provide the same benefits without animal cruelty. Sustainability is a hot issue; supporting the cause would mean a lower carbon footprint and footwear that doesn't use animals in production. How cool is that?


Everflex has trendy styles of kids' school shoes. 

The style options at Everflex will give luxury brands a run for their money without the expense. Access to trendy school shoes is crucial because it boosts students' self-confidence. Wearing what everyone else considers "cool" works wonders for their mood and performance. Inversely, uncool styles will deflate their self-esteem and can cause teasing and feeling left out.

Make your child feel excited to dress up for class daily with Everflex school shoes. The styles deserve a spot in the shoe closet and will live up to expectations.


  • Pull-on boots are school shoes for boys famous for their coverage, warmth, and style. Parents choose this option, especially during winter when temperatures dip. The leather material, round-toe design, and gripped sole make these school shoes an intelligent choice. Elastic side gussets expand to accommodate any foot shape and revert for a snug fit.

  • Mary Jane is a classic school shoe for girls. Different generations of students have worn various versions of this timeless style. The round toes and open-top design with a single touch-fastening strap across the instep are all too familiar. And people want something familiar to wear. Breathability and ventilation are top features that make these school shoes a summer and spring option.

  • Double Straps is one of the unisex school shoes at Everflex. This inclusive option is perfect for families with multiple children who share footwear. Coverage may differ from ankle boots, but double straps have security and adjustability thanks to two touch-fastening straps. Your child will look good and feel secure while participating in classroom and playground activities.

  • T-Bar, like Mary Jane, is a classic school shoe for girls. Both have rounded-toe and open-top designs. However, the similarities end there. T-Bar has a T-strap over the instep with a buckle securing it. A slightly more advanced fastening requires your daughter to lock a pin in the hole of the opposite strap. Laser geometric cutouts add style and breathability to these school shoes, making them ideal for spring and summer.

  • Lace-ups are the second unisex option from the Everflex school shoe collection. Boys and girls will feel pride whenever they wear this style because it proves they can do a skill not everyone can—tying laces. These school shoes provide the most customisable fit, giving your child control over how tight they want their footwear.

  • Sneakers are essential for sports and PE classes with more vigorous movements. Your child will need extra support to absorb the impact of their actions, which these school shoes can provide.


Everflex is affordable. 

Every parent's goal is to stay within the monthly (or weekly) budget, and Everflex ensures you will never exceed it. Everflex squashes the notion that quality school shoes boys and girls will love come with an expensive price tag. You can get the best ones without breaking the bank when you go to the Everflex retail or online store. 

The Everflex collection comes in three price ranges: $30-$40, $40-$50, and $50+. Combine that with the brand's flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase school shoes now and pay for them in instalments later. You can plan your purchases and still get the best for your child.

You can save money by purchasing from Everflex, which is only one of many advantages. In contrast to well-known shoe brands like Asics, Nike, and others, we are committed to selling high-quality footwear at reasonable costs.

Further reductions are possible if you shop for the Everflex school shoes online. The brand has discount vouchers and coupons for online consumers to boost their shopping experience. Why risk with other brands when Everflex is making it easy for you?


Everflex offers convenience. 

Everflex understands how pressed parents are. Balancing tasks at work and home keeps their schedules busy, so finding the time to shop for school shoes is another stress. With Everflex's online store, you can shop whenever possible. Browse the catalogue, use our clear filters to compare options, and check out items conveniently. Do it while taking breaks or before you go to sleep at night. 

Create an account, sign up for 10% off on your first purchase, and enjoy many benefits! Get updates on the latest trends in children's footwear and information on upcoming sales and new product releases.

As mentioned, you can use discount vouchers for further price reductions when shopping online. The best part about this option is that you can wait for Everflex to deliver the school shoes to your doorstep without wasting your time, gas, and money. How easy is that?


Choose Everflex over other shops!

Everflex is the way to go when shopping for school shoes. Head to the nearest retailer or the online store to grab one now! Add some socks and laces before checking out!