Our Most Durable Pair Of School Shoes

Finding a sturdy pair of kids’ school shoes can be a challenge, but Everflex makes it easy.

We understand how frustrating and upsetting it is for parents who need to keep replacing (and paying for) poor-quality styles that never see the end of the semester. As such, we’ve spent our time researching, designing and creating kids’ school shoes that can endure the rowdiest students. It doesn’t matter whether you need something for a hyperactive child or a non-stop teenager. Everflex provides for students of all ages, and our styles cover toddlers, adults, and anyone in-between. Our impressive spread of kids’ school shoes also includes sandals, sneakers, and classics for the classroom.

However, we want to focus in on kids’ school shoes of a specific kind: slip-resistant styles. These are a must-have item for any teenager, especially ones who have (or are looking for) a job. Most teens will be working in the fast-food, hospitality and retail industries when they start out, and our no-slip footwear is ideal for those environments.

So, settle in and get ready to read all about our slip-resistant kids’ school shoes. You’ll be blown away by the benefits and unique features that come with these!

1. They look exactly like regular styles 

Unlike other safe and work-approved designs, Everflex’s slip-resistant range can easily camouflage as kids’ school shoes. With their glossy black material, rounded toes, lace-up design, and sleek shape, these are almost identical to our traditional styles. You’d have a hard time trying to tell these apart from regular kids’ school shoes, which means they’ll never cause problems with a strict teacher or dress code!

2. Your kids’ school shoes will protect them from all sorts of potential mishaps

Slip-resistant styles can walk across oil, water, and slippery surfaces without issue. As such, they’re a must-have for anyone who comes into contact with these in the workplace. However, you can also appreciate that those features are a massive benefit for kids’ school shoes too! Messy cafeterias, sports courts, and slick hallways will be no stress for a student wearing a set.

3. These kids’ school shoes are ridiculously comfortable

Since they are suited to hours of standing during shifts, it should be no shock that Everflex’s styles are a favourite for students too. Your child has to wear their kids’ school shoes for eight hours a day, five days a week, every week until the term ends. If anyone deserves enduring comfort, it’s studying students. Our non-slip footwear comes with heel impact cushioning (which absorbs shock), built-in support, and padded innersoles for additional cosiness. Even the lace-up fastening lets your child loosen or tighten their kids’ school shoes until they have the ultimate fit. After all, we’re serious about providing our customers with the best-feeling footwear around!

4. Your kids’ school shoes will last for ages 

The commercial-grade rubber outsole is incredibly difficult to scratch, scuff, or mark. Likewise, the durable synthetic material should maintain the look of your kids’ school shoes for longer than your average pair. If you’re tired of throwing out pairs (that still fit!) because they ripped, split, or fell apart, then shopping at Everflex will be a dream!

For more information about kids’ school shoes, visit us today! 

While our non-slip styles are some of the best, there are still so many more to explore at Everflex. You’ll find all of our kids’ school shoes online, along with information and images that can steer you towards your ideal pick. Or, you can visit our exclusive partners, Spendless Shoes, and try on our styles in person! Either way, you’ll be sure on any floor with kids’ school shoes from Everflex!