Our #1 Style of Girl’s School Shoes for 2022

Does your daughter need a new set of girls' school shoes this season? If you are nodding yes, then you are in the right place. Here at Everflex, we have all the styles and designs of girls' school shoes that every parent could dream of. 


You will love what these kicks can do for your daughter during her next day of learning and play. Our huge range of girls' school shoes will keep your daughter protected all day and night long. The best thing about investing in some new black school shoes from us at Everflex is that our range of kicks is perfect for school & work. 


You can never go wrong with these girls' school shoes. We also have options for boys, unisex, leather, and vegan-friendly styles. Scroll below to uncover your daughter's next pair of girls' school shoes. 


Style 1 – Mary-Jane


This season, get your hands on a pair of Mary-Jane girls' school shoes. You will instantly love what these kicks can do for your daughter. These are one of our #1 girl's school shoes for 2022. Mary-Jane kicks offer plenty of styles, breathability, and comfort for your daughter to wear all day long. 


You as a parent will feel comfortable and confident with your daughter wearing these girls' school shoes on her feet. Our Mary Janes will look and feel incredible on her feet. These kicks offer a thin sole with sturdy outer material and plenty of breathability. 


These Mary-Jane girl's school shoes feature geometric cut-outs that can keep your daughter's feet looking and feeling good all day and night long. JILLY2 is our go-to set of Mary-Jane girls' school shoes for your daughter to wear all day and night long. You can never go wrong with investing in these kicks. 

Our online shop has a size guide, like EU cm, so you will find you have a perfect fit of our shoes in your feet. We also have sizes for your toddler or baby. So have your account now so you can have exclusive offers and access to our website.


Style 2 – Lace-up


Check out our range of lace-up girls' school shoes this season. You can never go wrong with a pair of these kicks in your daughter's life. We love nothing more than rocking a pair of lace-up kicks throughout a day of learning and play. 


You can find that our range of lace-up girls' school shoes is easy to wear and protective on her feet. You will never go wrong with these shoes by her side. The best thing about lace-up girls' school shoes is that they never go out of style. These kicks have been a part of the uniform requirements for many years. 


You will never go wrong with a set of these kicks by her side. These girls' school shoes offer a secure lace-up design and a thick, comfortable sole. Your daughter will never have to worry about sore and painful feet with these lace-up girls' school shoes in her life. 

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Style 3 – Touch-fastening


Say hello to our range of touch-fastening girls' school shoes. These are the perfect set of kicks that every little girl needs in her life. Nothing is better than rocking a pair of comfortable touch-fastening girls' school shoes throughout the day of learning and play. 


These touch-fastening kicks are even better for your daughter to wear if she hates to wake up in the morning. For the children who love to sleep in and spend the morning getting ready in their own time, you will find that these touch-fastening formal school shoes are the perfect choice for them.


These straps offer a secure fastening method and give easy access to your daughter's feet to slip in and out of throughout the day. 


You can trust that these kids' school shoes can stay on your daughter's feet throughout the day and into the night. So whether your daughter has sports practice or a playdate after a long day of study, you will never doubt the power of these touch-fastening girls' school shoes.

VERB is our number one style when shopping for touch-fastening kicks. Try them out for your daughter today! 


Discover more shoe styles in the categories; you might want to add these shoes in your shopping bag and into your wardrobe. We also have shoes for gender - boys, women's, and men's.


Style 4 – Printed


Does your daughter have a favourite movie or TV show character? If you are nodding your head yes, then these are the ultimate set of kicks for you to invest in. 


That's right; our selection of printed girls' school shoes can instantly put a smile on your daughter's face. These kicks are super comfortable to wear and can keep your daughter motivated throughout a day of learning and play. Our collection of printed girls' school shoes will always look and feel incredible on your daughter's feet. 


These are the type of black school shoes that can motivate your child to get out of bed and start the day. It will also feel like they are spending the day of learning and playing with their best friend by their side. So many children look up to their favourite characters from movies or TV shows, which is why investing in a pair of printed girls' school shoes is the perfect option! 




One thing that we highly recommend doing when shopping for a new pair of girls' school shoes is to invest in some accessories. You will find that footwear accessories are underrated but will be a game-changer for your daughter's comfort levels. 


We love nothing more than seeing every child with a smile on their face from ear to ear. You will love how much of a difference our collection of footwear accessories can make to your daughter's new pair of kids' school shoes. 


In addition, we recommend investing in some innersoles for your daughter's new kicks. Innersoles offer thick and comfortable padding that can take your child's comfort levels to a new range. 


You will even benefit from investing in some backup laces and socks. No parent wants to come home to a set of dirty shoes and laces. By keeping a collection of backup options in the house, you can always be prepared to fix your daughter's pair of black school shoes. You will love what investing in some footwear accessories can do for you and your daughter! 


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Do you love the girl's school shoes that you see? 


If our range of girls' school shoes is ticking all the right boxes, then that is your sign to invest in these kicks ASAP! Your daughter will love how stylish and easy to wear a pair of these girls' school shoes are. So head to the Everflex store website today and invest in new girls' school shoes!


Enjoy many benefits and continue shopping with us!