Non-Slip Work Shoes for School Is So Important...Here's Why!

Is your child active in all activities at school?

If you answered yes, you need to read on and check out a pair of slip-resistant school shoes immediately. Playing an active role in the classroom or playground increases the risk your child will get into a slipping accident.

For example, running up or down the staircase when transferring between classes can be a slipping hazard if they are not wearing Everflex non-slip shoes.

Common areas in the school where children converge, such as the toilets and cafeteria, are accident-prone.

For example, broken pipes and leaking faucets cause water to spill on the floor of bathrooms, while the lunch area has spillage of food, water, oil, and juice boxes.

Not wearing non-skid school shoes can be costly for your child. However, paying for this safety footwear is way more affordable than paying for hospital bills and physical therapy.

We've listed the typical reasons for slip-and-fall incidents at school, but you must comprehend why picking a suitable school shoe should be a top priority.

To discuss the injuries they may sustain if they trip, we have called in the team from Everflex. Then, head straight to how slip-resistant school shoes can prevent them.


What injuries can the child suffer from slipping accidents?

One of the worst things that can happen to a parent is getting a phone call from the child's school telling them their child had an accident. Parents worry when their child is out of sight, so we can imagine the devastation if they get a call like this!

Let's get into the different injuries that could happen without slip-resistant shoes.


1. Broken bones

If your child is not wearing non-slip school shoes, they can break bones. This is because the fall can apply enough pressure and force on the bones, leading to fractures in body parts such as the hips, arms, legs, ribs, and wrists.

With non-skid school shoes, you can prevent this injury, which can be painful and restrictive and might require your child to take time off for recovery.


2. Traumatic brain injuries

Not wearing slip-resistant school shoes can lead to a severe injury like a traumatic brain injury, which happens when your brain gets a jolt from an accident or fall. The head doesn't need a direct impact on a surface to experience this.

It's dangerous because your child may not realise the severity, and if left untreated, it may cause worse secondary injuries. It's a debilitating issue that non-skid school shoes could have prevented.


3. Soft tissue injuries

While not breaking bones during a fall is good, your child can still sustain severe and painful injuries via their soft tissues like muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

The symptoms are pain, bruising, swelling, and permanent damage. It's so tragic that one day of failing to wear non-skid shoes can lead to a lifelong injury.


4. Sprained ankles or wrists

Wearing non-skid shoes is crucial to preventing slips, trips, and falls, especially in workplaces and schools. Mistakes cause many workplace injuries and falls, and wearing non-slip shoes can significantly reduce the risk of such accidents.

Similar brands, such as Skechers, offer a variety of slip-resistant shoes. Here at Everflex, we have curated these selections for children and women that you can add to your cart.

Your child may try to break the fall with their arms and hands as a reflex. However, this move can cause a tear in their wrist or ankle ligaments. 

And while they may not be as severe as the others we enumerated, sprained wrists or ankles can interfere with your child's everyday life, affecting yours.

By not wearing slip-resistant shoes, your child will miss out on many things they used to be involved in, which can be challenging. In addition, not being able to walk and do ordinary things can be life-changing.


How can wearing non-slip shoes prevent all these?

Apart from ensuring the shoes fit properly, when selecting the right shoes for school, one important factor is their level of traction. Shoes with good traction can help prevent slips and falls, which is especially important for kids running around and playing during recess.

Another critical factor is the size of the shoe. Again, it's essential to have the option to select the right size for your child's feet to ensure a perfect fit and enough support for growing feet.

Everflex non-slip shoes have features that protect your child's toes from foot aches by allowing sufficient toe room. Most importantly, they help prevent kids from slipping. Let's review each and how it contributes to your child's safety.

We design our footwear following Australian Podiatry Association standards, which prevent abnormal foot growth and foot aches.


1. Slip-resistant sole

The ability of non-skid shoes to let fluids pass through saves your child because the chance of an accident is higher when footwear collects liquid underneath. 

The slip-resistant outsoles create friction between the non-slip shoes and the ground your child walks or runs on. In addition, this sole has treads or grooves that let liquids pass through, protecting your child from slippery surfaces.

To check for treads, flip the footwear over and look for grooves shaped like circles, hexagons, and squiggles. 

Another essential thing to look for is removable inner soles that conform to or accommodate various foot shapes.

We suggest getting non-slip work shoes with smaller spaces between the shapes, as this creates more friction, keeping your child steady and stable.


2. Oil-resistant outsole

An oil-resistant outsole is another feature to note. If your child works part-time in a restaurant or café, they will find Everflex non-slip shoes an asset. 

The oil-resistant outsole prevents hot oil from seeping through the material, an advantage that protects your child from burns.

Burns, much like falls, are no joke. However, burns have varying degrees and different effects. For instance, first-degree burns affect the skin's outer layer and cause swelling, redness, and pain. 

Meanwhile, second-degree burns affect the outer and underlying layers of the skin, which cause pain, redness, swelling, and blistering.

Unfortunately, people with severe burns can lose specific physical abilities; we don't want that for your child. So please protect them with a pair of Everflex non-slip shoes!


3. Commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole

This feature of non-skid shoes can keep your child steady and protected while they navigate busy hallways. 

In addition, indoor sports players like badminton, basketball, and volleyball usually wear footwear with this feature because it prevents them from slipping when doing quick direction changes. 

Footwear used for these activities will undoubtedly endure serious wear and tear over its lifetime.  Your child will likely move sideways and change direction quickly to avoid collisions. And they can maximise this feature of slip-resistant shoes if they love playing any of these sports.


4. Comfortable 

The last two features of the Everflex non-skid school shoes will provide your child's foot with the ultimate, long-lasting comfort as they go through their day.

The first is the heel impact cushioning, which absorbs shock and supports your child's toe when doing strenuous movements like jumping. 

Meanwhile, our flexible and padded innersole will keep your child comfortable while standing, walking, and running all day. It fills the space, allowing for toe room and non-skid school shoes.


Protect Your Child With Non-Slip School Shoes Now!

While reading about their possible injuries can add to parents' worry at night, getting a pair of slip-resistant kids' school shoes can help ease those worries. 

Knowing your little one has protection lifts that burden and enables you to worry less. Head to the nearest Everflex retailer or online store. Be sure to add socks before checking out!

For the most excellent online shopping experience, visit the website of Everflex Shoe Brand from the comfort of your home. You can shop online and get the perfect fit at an excellent price from our collection. Be sure to clear the filters when you select size and other features.

Choose from durable lace-up styles with comfy and durable leather uppers or ones with velcro for girls and boys still struggling with dexterity and tying laces.

Buy multiple pairs so your kid can choose lace-ups on hectic days or a velcro-tabbed style on easy days! An excellent option is to get them a new pair of school shoes after a few months to accommodate any growth spurts. It's always a pleasant surprise!