Non-Slip Shoes That Won't Break the Bank Are From Everflex!

The simplest way to describe non-slip shoes is as footwear that keeps you from slipping and falling on slippery surfaces. Some industries, like healthcare and hospitality, require crews to wear water-resistant work shoes because they have a high risk of encountering fluids like water and oil in their work environment.

However, this footwear should not be limited to those in these industries. You can get slip-resistant shoes to feel safer when you venture out. Wearing this footwear is more affordable than paying for hospital and treatment costs. 

When you become a victim of slips and trips, you can break your bones, suffer injuries, or worse, get life-altering paralysis. As they say, prevention is better than cure, and in this case, it is. Arm yourself with a pair from Everflex for your safety. 

With the help of our Everflex team, discover how a couple of shoes with slip-resistance soles can save you from various scenarios. What makes it effective? Let's start!


How Does It Work?

What makes Everflex work shoes different from other footwear styles with gripped soles? How come sneakers and boots are not enough to keep you steady and stable? 

Five characteristics of Everflex work shoes work together to keep your confidence high and secure. Each has a different function but collectively provides a seamless experience, especially if you slip and fall. Let's look at each.


1. Slip-Resistant Sole

It features the durability of non-slip work shoes, which work best on slippery surfaces, primarily when dealing with water, fluids, and food spillage. It would help if you had friction against slippery surfaces to remain stable against them, which non-slip soles produce.

When you flip your Everflex shoes, you will find grooves or treads in various developed shapes like hexagons, circles, and squiggles. Please pay attention to the spaces between them; the smaller they are, the greater the friction they produce. 

The treads on non-slip work shoes work by letting liquids flow continuously instead of getting stuck under your footwear. Allowing juices to flow through reduces the chances of slipping, keeping you safe.


2. Oil-Resistant Outsole

Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, cooking up a storm? Or do you work in an environment where hot oil is frequently present? If so, it's crucial to protect your feet from burns. This is where Everflex shoes come in handy, as their oil-resistant outsole provides the necessary protection. You can compare Everflex shoes with other brands, including Skechers.

When hot oil touches your skin, the heat from the oil can damage skin tissues. The burn's severity depends on the oil's temperature, the contact duration, and the amount of skin affected.

Burns are no joke, so protect yourself with a pair from Everflex. This feature prevents hot oil from seeping through the material of the footwear, keeping your feet safe. Moreover, it also works well when you accidentally step on an oily floor, which can make you slip. 

Now, is a pair of Everflex slip-resistant shoes worth the investment because their features protect you from all kinds of fluids?


3. Commercial-Grade, Non-Marking Rubber Outsole

You're mistaken if you think the benefits of using Everflex slip-resistant shoes end with the first two features. With its price, you gain a lot of benefits. The third feature is a commercial-grade, non-marking rubber outsole. This feature works hard to ensure you can make sudden stops, change directions, and move laterally without slipping or twisting your ankle.

These shoes keep you steady as you fight your way through the crowd. Hotel and theme park workers deal with groups and guests daily. In their haste to provide timely service, they must overtake people while maintaining their footing, and that's what this rubber outsole does.

You might recognise it because indoor sports shoes for badminton, volleyball, and basketball also have this non-slip feature. The players in these sports must move laterally, diagonally, and backwards. They also make sudden stops, which is possible because of this feature. 

Get a pair of Everflex slip-resistant shoes if you always encounter crowds and walk on floors that must remain shiny and scuff-free!


4. Heel Impact Cushioning 

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you subject them to impact and strain. Every step, jump, or run that you make can affect your heel, and one wrong move can damage it. Pain from your feet travels upward, affecting your joints, spine, and other body parts. 

Please do not wait for that day to happen; protect your feet now with a pair of Everflex slip-resistant shoes that have a design with heel impact cushioning that absorbs shock to reduce the jarring effect of each step on your body.

Aside from absorbing shock and impact, this feature boosts the overall comfort of your slip-resistant shoes. It supports your feet, providing a softer landing for your heel. Your feet carry your entire weight with every step, and wearing slip-resistant shoes helps reduce their strain. 


5. Flexible And Padded Innersole 

Comfort is everyone's priority, and with the flexible and padded innersole of the Everflex slip-resistant shoes, it's achievable. It provides a soft surface for your foot to rest on, which you will badly need if you spend hours on your feet. 

Working in the healthcare, hospitality, and retail industries will require you to stand and walk around most of the time. Even educators, like teachers, need innersoles as they stand in front of the classroom most of the day. The Everflex slip-resistant shoes will reduce fatigue, ensure you perform at your best, and provide excellent service.


Is It Affordable?

A pair of Everflex slip-resistant shoes will not break the bank like an injury or burn would. Treatment and healing may consume your savings and require you to take time off, affecting other aspects of your life. However, one pair of Everflex slip-resistant shoes falls within the $50+ range, far less than hospital bills. 

But you can budget your money well with the help of the Everflex flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase sandals or shoes now and pay in instalments later. Each pair will keep you safe and help you stay within your budget!


Get Yours Now!

Head to the nearest Everflex retailer shop or online store! Add more innersoles and cushions for extra comfort! 

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