Non-Slip Shoes That Will Keep You Comfortable and Safe All Shift Long

Long, tiring shifts can affect workers in many ways. Exhaustion can lower performance and affect one’s health. Why risk everything when an affordable solution will keep you cosy and safe on your work shift?


Non-slip shoes have all the features that can ensure excellent performance. When you feel good overall, it will be evident in your work. You can provide service promptly, whether food, assistance, or delivery. The best part is that you can go out or home after your work ends and still feel one hundred per cent. While healthcare and hospitality industries require employees to wear non-slip shoes for safety, you can wear them even if your work is not in these industries. Grocery stores also have slippery floors, so use this protective footwear for errands and everywhere that you need to feel safer and more stable. Valuing one’s safety and well-being is essential; no one should stop you from using non-slip shoes for that extra layer of protection.


How does a pair of non-slip shoes keep you comfortable all shift long?


They have function-specific features that work together to achieve that. While not all brands have the same features, you can always choose one that offers comprehensive options. Everflex non-slip shoes have five excellent features that ensure your safety and comfort. Besides these features that not all brands have, the beauty of purchasing your Everflex non-slip shoes is the affordability of each pair. You can feel more assured without worrying about the costs. Let’s get started!


Slip-Resistant Sole


The primary and most common feature of non-slip shoes is the slip-resistant soles. These soles are essential in keeping you safe from slips and falls during a work shift. If you’re working in hospitality, you deal with a fast-paced work shift involving food, liquids, spillage, shiny floors, and wet surfaces. 


Picture a restaurant or a hotel lobby during peak hours, where many people who need timely service are scattered. So, you’re rushing around while carrying trays of food and drinks that can spill and cause an accident for anyone not wearing slip-resistant work shoes. Ensure you can come home in one piece after every shift, free from any injury, by protecting yourself with non-slip shoes and their slip-resistant soles.


These soles create friction that keeps you steady. The tiny, randomly shaped grooves on your slip-resistant shoes let liquids flow through instead of staying underneath, allowing you to do your task safely. You must always check your soles because constant use can smooth out these treads, requiring you to get a new pair of non-slip shoes.


Oil-Resistant Outsole


Keep safe and accident-free in the kitchens with the second feature of Everflex non-slip shoes. The oil-resistant outsole keeps you steady when navigating greasy and oily surfaces. If you’re working in a busy kitchen during peak hours, you must oversee several things at once, which can make you overlook that small patch of spilt oil on the floor. One accident can start a domino effect, and since we want to avoid that, it’s best to get your non-slip work shoes.


Besides keeping you steady, the oil-resistant outsole protects against hot oil. Slip-resistant shoes ensure they cannot penetrate the material, keeping your feet safe. Purchasing this protective footwear can save you from the hassle and the treatment costs.


Commercial-Grade Non-Marking Rubber Outsole


Anyone who deals with crowded hallways, restaurants, and lobbies will love the third feature of Everflex non-slip shoes. Commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsoles are perfect for newly waxed floors filled with people. This feature keeps you steady while navigating crowds, where you will likely move laterally, in a zigzag manner, or make sudden stops. 


Can you imagine doing this while carrying luggage or assisting people and showing them where to go? Without slip-resistant shoes, you can sustain injuries or cause them, especially when many people are standing in your way. Avoid all these and ensure your entire shift starts and ends safely. 


Indoor sports players of basketball, badminton, or volleyball are familiar with this feature because their sport-specific footwear also has them. These players move in all directions on shiny and slippery courts and remain safe because of this same feature found in non-slip work shoes.


Cushioning and Innersoles


The fourth and fifth features of Everflex non-slip shoes will keep you comfortable during long shifts, which are ten to twelve hours long. Heel impact cushioning works by absorbing shock. It lessens the force that travels through the rest of your body, reducing foot fatigue and strain. Meanwhile, flexible, padded innersoles in Everflex non-slip shoes also help reduce the impact on the feet. If you are on your feet the whole shift, fatigue can creep in with every step, so it helps that there are innersoles that provide support so that you can improve your performance. 


Everflex understands that not all feet are the same, so it provides gel cushions and foam innersoles for those who need more foot support. This way, you can augment what comes with the non-slip work shoes to make work safer and more comfortable.


Affordable Price and Convenient Experience


The best part about each pair of Everflex non-slip shoes that make work safer and more comfortable is that they are within a reasonable price range. The footwear can ensure you perform well and stay within your budget. With a price range of $50+, you can pay in instalments later with Everflex’s flexible payment options, ensuring your safety is not a burden on your wallet.


Besides ensuring you have access to the best slip-resistant work shoes with premium-quality material and features, Everflex also makes shopping for them easy. The brand understands you’re too tired to head to a physical store and deal with the crowd and long queues, so it brought the store to you. With its online store, you can browse the different slip-resistant work shoes, compare features, and purchase what you need. After which, you can expect your parcel to arrive at your doorstep within days.


Boost Your Work Experience with Everflex!


Everflex non-slip shoes are a lifesaver on those long workdays. Despite competing with more expensive brands like Skechers and Shoes for Crews, we are proud of our brand's durability and their ability to prevent slips and falls. Shoe features that provide slip resistance are ideal because even a tiny slip might cause a chain reaction, so it's essential to take precautions. Head to the nearest retailer or online shop to grab non-slip shoes now!