Non-Slip Shoes Perfect For Hospitality Workers

Do you belong to the hospitality industry? If yes, what was the first requirement they asked you about during orientation?

The company likely informed you that wearing non-slip shoes on the premises and during your shift is mandatory. Hospitality workers fall under the industry that performs services to support people travelling or visiting for pleasure.

Employees of hotels, event venues, restaurants, cruises, theme parks, and other tourism-related businesses fall into this industry and need to wear non-slip shoes for protection.

You likely stumbled on this page because you're trying to learn as much as possible about them. Why require non-slip shoes when you have a black pair of sneakers you think are enough to support you at work?

Our Everflex team is stepping in to help address your concern. We'll review and explain what makes work shoes different from footwear and why hospitality workers need them. If you're ready to learn more, let's start!


What kinds of hazards do hospitality workers face?


Given the environment and the hospitality workers' services, you need the protection of work shoes from slips, trips, and falls. Buying this footwear for yourself costs less than paying hospital and treatment bills.

Please don't wait for accidents to happen before arming yourself with non-slip shoes; as they say, prevention is better than cure. Here are the hazards you can encounter daily.


  • Wet and sticky floors

Workplaces like restaurants are prone to food, oil, and liquid spillage, which can be dangerous without non-slip shoes. Leaving all this pooling on the floor where people walk has a high probability of causing accidents. 

And sadly, one person not wearing non-slip footwear can trip and start a domino effect, hitting other people, who can also slip.


  • People traffic

Working in hotels and theme parks, where people crowd the rooms and hallways, can be dangerous if you're not wearing non-slip shoes.

In your haste to help and serve, you manoeuvre around people and make quick direction changes that can cause you to slide, trip, or twist your ankle.


  • Scalding food and oil

Working in the kitchen is a hotbed for scalding things like food and oil. When hot oil spills or splashes and hits your feet, you can suffer burns requiring you to take time off to heal. Wearing non-slip footwear can protect you from burnt skin.


  • Uneven or shiny floors and wires

Most, if not all, hospitality workplaces have these scenarios at one time or another, especially if there are repairs.

Losing your footing by tripping is possible, but if you're wearing non-slip shoes, you're safe since they have an excellent grip on the floor.


Where is the best place to buy non-slip work shoes?


At Everflex, of course!

The brand has considered all possible accidents hospitality workers may encounter and produced non-slip footwear with features that address them. Wearing this footwear will protect you, your colleagues, and even customers affected when you slip.

Let's explore the different features to discover why Everflex non-slip shoes are perfect for hospitality workers like you.


1. Slip-resistant sole 

We mentioned earlier how wet and sticky floors can cause frequent accidents if you work in restaurants, and the usual culprits are water, juice, soda, and alcohol. You're vulnerable to slipping accidents because the pooled liquid will stay underneath your footwear. 

However, if you're wearing Everflex non-slip shoes, the slip-resistant sole will protect you when you encounter them. How so? 

Instead of staying underneath your non-slip footwear, the treads and grooves on your shoes will let the fluids flow through, saving you from falling. Moreover, these create friction with the ground you walk on, keeping you steady even on sticky floors.

To check your Everflex non-slip shoes for treads, flip them over and look for shapes like circles, hexagons, or squiggles. Choose those with smaller spaces between the grooves for increased friction.


2. Oil-resistant outsole 

Working in the kitchen exposes you to scalding oil, which can cause first or second-degree burns when it touches your skin. If you're wearing Everflex non-slip shoes, their oil-resistant outsole will prevent the oil from seeping through the material and protect your feet.

Never treat burns lightly, as some effects include swelling, redness, and pain. However, the more severe consequences can cause pain, redness, swelling, and blistering.

You can get scars and need time off to heal and recuperate, which means you may lose your source of income. How much would you spend on hospital bills compared to non-slip work shoes?


3. Commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole 

Hotels and theme parks are overflowing with people. Your work entails navigating through hallways and rooms filled with them to deliver the required service promptly.

The commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole in Everflex non-slip work shoes will allow you to move sideways and change directions safely.

Players of indoor sports like badminton, volleyball, and basketball need the same feature because they do similar movements, like moving laterally and diagonally, and change directions within seconds.

Because of their non-marking soles, your work shoes will provide the same level of safety as usual while preserving the pristine condition of the office's floors and halls.


4. Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support 

Hospitality workers are on their feet almost their entire shift. They do everything from delivering food, carrying dishes, lifting luggage, serving customers, showing tourists around, and many other ad hoc errands that customers require.

They need work shoes to support them and absorb the shock from all these movements. Luckily, Everflex added heel impact cushioning to its slip-resistant footwear. This, and other details, helps workers absorb the pressure and weight.


5. Flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort

We can imagine how hospitality workers feel when they go through all the pressures, motions, and movements in one shift. Being on your feet the whole time requires comfort, which the flexible and padded innersole of the Everflex non-slip shoes can provide. 

The comfort you get will help you power on and continue providing excellent service.


Everflex Has the Best Non-Slip Work Shoes for Hospitality Workers!

You deserve to wear work shoes that provide protection and comfort throughout your shift. Never wear them barefoot, so check out socks too!

Proper non-slip shoes are essential if you're a hospitality worker in a field where safety is a high priority. Slips and falls are common in fast-paced workplaces. Its slip-resistant outsole keeps the oil and your feet safe.

To compete with other well-known brands like Skechers and others, at Everflex, we stock a wide variety of comfortable workwear shoes, including work boots and sneakers.

Head to the nearest Everflex store in Australia or order online through our site to get one! Sort and filter your selections on our menu to find and add items you'll love. We recommend you sign up for our email list for our latest updates.