Non-Slip Shoes for Long Work Days

After an exhausting twelve-hour shift, you come home and raise your feet on pillows to get your blood flowing. You look back on the day and mumble that there are five more workdays like this before your time off. How can you keep doing this?


A pair of Everflex non-slip shoes is all you need. The brand understands that you have responsibilities besides work and provides features that ensure you can still do those things. 


A typical shift for workers in the hospitality industry lasts for up to twelve hours. And they are on their feet most of the time, providing timely service to customers, whether serving food, entertainment, or helping them carry luggage and things. Businesses in this industry require their employees to wear slip-resistant shoes because they have features that make them cosy and safe. 


In the same way, healthcare industry workers also wear non-slip work shoes for their long shifts. Non-slip work shoes help them as they care for other people, assisting them and ensuring their well-being. Caregiving isn’t an easy job, and because you must do it, at least do it correctly.


Help yourself through these long days with a pair of Everflex non-slip shoes. Discover the features that make them the best choice for tiring jobs. And even if you don’t have long days but still want to feel extra cosy and safe, get one, too! Let’s get to know Everflex non-slip shoes now!


Cushioning and Innersoles


Long workdays mean you are on your feet for extended periods, which can take a toll on your feet, causing foot fatigue and discomfort. However, Everflex non-slip shoes with cushioning and innersoles can ensure your feet remain cosy even after hours of being on them. The cushioning absorbs impact to prevent the force of tiring and intense movements to travel to the rest of your body, as this can weaken your knees, ankles, and joints. Meanwhile, the flexible and padded innersoles of slip-resistant shoes alleviate foot fatigue so that you can always perform at the top of your game. You can serve others better if nothing is making you uncomfortable. Suppose you need more than the cushioning and innersoles available with the slip-resistant shoes to address your needs; you can always get additional foot care accessories from Everflex. The gel cushions and foam innersoles will do the trick and make your long hours go by quickly. 


Slip-resistant Soles


Dealing with long workdays can be a hassle without wearing slip-resistant shoes. With a feature called slip-resistant soles, they can ensure you do not fall or trip when exposed to fluids or wet surfaces. They make slip-resistant work shoes effective by providing traction and grip to keep you safe. Check for this feature by flipping the footwear and looking for grooves or treads in various shapes. Usually shaped in circles, hexagons, or squiggles, they create friction between the floor and footwear to keep you steady. 


Unlike flat soles that hold water and fluids underneath, which can make you fall, the treads let water pass through. For more effective results, choose non-slip shoes with smaller spaces between the grooves because they create more friction. Ensure you have the correct footwear. Try on the shoes and walk them around the store, hitting the slippery floors. You’ll know they are effective if you can pass safely. With these on your slip-resistant footwear, you can get through long workdays protected from injuries and accidents.


Oil-resistant Outsoles


Working in the kitchen for long hours exposes you to hot fluids like oil and grease. Not only can they burn your skin, but they can also make you slip. Prevent these hazards from adding more stress to your already tiring shift by wearing Everflex non-slip shoes. The brand’s collection boasts oil-resistant outsoles that keep you safe. 


This feature allows slip-resistant work shoes to prevent scalding oil from penetrating the footwear and hurting your feet. In the same way, they deal with the grease so that you don’t have to. There is no need to worry about slipping and falling; focus on getting the job done. Walk and work for long hours confidently, knowing that your non-slip shoes work harder to ensure you can.


Commercial-grade Non-marking Rubber Outsoles


If you’ve seen indoor sports games like badminton, volleyball, and basketball, you’ll get hooked on the speed of their movements. The players change directions, move laterally, and stop suddenly, like second nature. The players’ footwear and Everflex non-slip shoes have a feature in common—commercial-grade, non-marking rubber outsoles. 


These outsoles ensure that sudden movements and direction changes will not lead to accidents and twisted ankles. Hotel, restaurant, and theme park employees can use their slip-resistant work shoes at work, maximising the use of the outsoles. Long shifts at work, especially those that require you to move quickly, avoid crowds, and prevent collisions, become more tolerable and less stressful when you wear non-slip work shoes that empower you to do these things safely. You have one less worry to think about because you remain intact.


How to Keep Non-Slip Shoes Longer


Once you’ve experienced the magic of wearing slip-resistant work shoes, you’ll want to keep them around longer. No other footwear has made your long shifts as comfortable and safe. But no matter how excellent Everflex non-slip shoes are, they will accumulate dirt with constant exposure. Here are quick steps to care for them:


  • Grab a boot and shoe brush and clean the footwear while you’re still wearing them, moving in a back-and-forth motion.

  • If the first option is insufficient, use a clean towel dipped in warm water and soap to wipe down your non-slip shoes. These will keep the insides from getting wet. Then, leave them to air dry.

  • Always keep your footwear dry. When exposed to liquids and fluids, dry it naturally before storing it. Never put it under direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters.

  • Proper shoe storage requires shoe closets, racks, or bags. Leaving shoes exposed to dust can ruin their materials.

Transform Long Workdays with Everflex!


Long workdays can be transformed with the help of Everflex non-slip shoes. We take great pride in our brand's durability and slip resistance, which can compete with more costly competitors like Skechers and Shoes for Crews. Head to the nearest retail store or shop online for the best slip-resistant footwear!