Non-Slip Shoes Are a Must in a Work Environment. Find Yours at Everflex!

Some industries deal with daily spillage. People who don't wear Everflex non-slip shoes are more likely to slip and fall. Job environments can be fatal without slip-resistant shoes. Why leave yourself unprotected when you can find what you need at Everflex?

The industries we mentioned are constantly busy, with employees always on the move to serve the people on time. 

As a result, people who deal with things like helping the elderly, moving medicine vials, cleaning hallways and toilets, or delivering food and other necessities must wear shoes that won't slip. 

People have always said prevention is better than cure, and investing in a pair of these shoes is better than paying for costly medical and hospital bills.

Do you want to learn more about slip-resistant shoes and why you need them for your job? If yes, please continue reading on, as the Everflex team will give you a rundown of what you need to know!


What are Non-Slip Work Shoes?

We discussed the common types of spills that occur in various industries. We also discussed how the primary purpose of non-slip work shoes is to prevent injuries. So naturally, you're curious how they differ from other shoe types like sneakers.

We will give you a rundown of the unique features and characteristics of slip-resistant shoes for men and women at Everflex. According to the specifications, these designs suit the hospitality and elderly care sectors. Wearing any lace-up style will ensure your safety if your job is in these environments.


1. Slip Resistant Sole

The non-slip shoes at Everflex have slip-resistant soles made of rubber. They come in different shapes to create friction on the surface. In addition, the grooves on your non-slip footwear for the job are better for traction.

Also, unlike the flat soles of sneakers, these treads make it impossible for non-slip shoes to hold water. As a result, liquids don't stick to the threads, which keeps you safe, but flat soles do, which makes you more likely to fall.

As such, when buying non-slip work shoes, this is the first thing you must check! After that, you can refer to our size guide to select size.


2. Oil Resistant Outsole

Since oil and water do not mix, you'll need two separate layers of safety on your non-slip shoes. The non-slip sole protects you from liquids, but the oil-resistant outsole is what you need for surfaces with oil, grease, and other fluids made from petroleum. 

Shoes with non-slip soles are a must for anyone who works in a kitchen because they keep people from slipping and falling.


3. Commercial Grade Non-Marking Rubber Outsole

In the healthcare and food service industries, keeping the floors and counters from getting damaged at all costs is imperative. So, you need non-slip work shoes with a commercial-grade rubber outsole that doesn't leave marks, like those used for badminton or volleyball indoors.

Rubber outsoles don't leave marks to protect wooden or tile floors from scratches and keep people from slipping when they change directions quickly. If you work in the elderly care field, you must help people move from one room to another. 

Changes in direction while assisting someone else can lead to accidents for the carer and the patient, so wearing the Everflex non-slip work shoes with commercial-grade non-marking rubber slip-resistant outsoles is essential.


4. Heel Impact Cushioning for Shock Absorption and Support

After experiencing the difference, you'll be grateful for heel impact cushioning in your footwear. This feature of non-slip shoes makes your work more comfortable because it helps relieve heel pain from standing, walking, and lifting for long periods.

Healthcare, hospitality, and food industry workers are constantly on their feet, moving quickly and doing the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, these activities can weigh you down and increase the pressure on your feet. 

You can protect yourself by getting Everflex non-slip work shoes, which have this heel impact cushioning that absorbs shock and gives support for the most comfort.


5. Flexible and Padded Innersole for All-Day Comfort 

You will thank these flexible and padded innersoles for keeping your feet comfortable during your 8-hour shifts. Standing, lifting, and moving around this long is not a joke, especially if your foot arch needs support.

The Everflex slip-resistant shoes have arch support in the insoles to help relieve foot pain from being on your feet for long periods. 

Without this, every step you take while performing your job can be painful. When this happens, you won't be at your best and won't perform well on the job.

Save yourself the trouble by getting a pair of slip-resistant shoes from Everflex. Your feet and your older self will thank you for it.


What is the Material of the Everflex non-slip shoes?

More people are looking for ways to protect the environment. If you're one of them, you'll be glad to know that Everflex slip-resistant shoes use vegan-friendly materials. Some benefits of using vegan-friendly footwear include:


  • Access to more affordable slip-resistant shoes because vegan-friendly production involves fewer processes and treatments.
  • Vegan-friendly slip-resistant shoes do not use any animal parts in production, making them cruelty-free.
  • Animal farming leaves a high carbon footprint. As such, supporting vegan-friendly slip-resistant shoes lessens carbon footprint and waste products, making them highly sustainable.


Be Safe at Work! 

May the explanation of how Everflex non-slip shoes protect you in your job encourage you to buy them! In addition, slip-resistant shoes are cheaper than hospital bills, so save yourself now! 

Compare this with popular brands like Skechers, Clarks and Croc. You'll agree that the price for any shoe in our collection is always right!

Go to an Everflex store near you or shop online. Fill your cart with a selection of items from our footwear stock.