Non-Slip School Shoes That Provide Great Back Support

Is your child active and takes part in all the activities in school? Every day, parents and guardians worry about various things, including their children's safety, especially if they are apart. But unfortunately, accidents can occur at any time, and active children are more likely to experience one. 

Food spillage, juice boxes, and water bottles are also potential hazards. Since adults can cause accidental spills, children can likely do, too. 

How can you ensure your child is safe?

Even if you can't prevent spillage, you can provide them with the best defence: buy kids' non-slip school shoes. This will protect your kid from spills that can cause falls. If you can't prevent spillage, you can provide them with the best defence: buy non-slip school shoes. Worst case, they must be absent from class for a while. 

Do you know where to buy school shoes that are non-slip and what to look for when buying them?

The collection at Everflex is the greatest. We at Everflex made the shopping experience easier for you by gathering the features and characteristics you must check in a pair of school shoes that are non-slip.

We'll go over all there is to know about Everflex school shoes that are non-slip, including the importance of getting a pair for children. Then, read on to learn more!


What are non-slip kids' school shoes?

You can infer from the name that schools that are non-slip can prevent your child from falling on greasy or damp surfaces. In addition, a special kind of rubber provides a better grip, protecting your kid as they run or walk.

Prevention is better than cure. It would be best if you didn't wait for an accident before you get your child a pair of school shoes that are non-slip. Nobody wants to see their child return home with scraped knees or, worse, any of the following injuries one can suffer from accidental falls: 


• Broken bones. The severity of the broken bones will depend on the age and fall taken. While your child is still young and their bones are not yet brittle, it's still dangerous. By wearing non-slip school shoes, they can avoid fractured bones. In some instances, fractured bones can heal naturally without surgery, but others need screws to hold them together.

• Back injury. Wearing non-slip school shoes will provide excellent back support and prevent trips and falls, the most common cause of back injuries. We must avoid this at all costs, and one way to protect your children is by buying them a pair of school shoes that are non-slip. 

• Head injury. If your child's unlucky, a tragic accident could result in a head injury that leaves your child paralysed or with severe brain damage. Get a pair of shoes that are non-slip from Everflex to shield them from this tragedy.

• Hip fracture. This injury takes time to heal and may require assistance from others when moving around. Unfortunately, your child is too young and precious to experience this.

• Internal organ damage. Some falls result in internal organ damage that comes up on x-rays days after the accident.


These all sound serious and terrifying, but we want to inform you of different possibilities if you don't get your child a pair of shoes that are non-slip. With Everflex footwear that will protect your child's feet, you will have peace of mind.


Unique Features

Non-slip shoes differ from other footwear because of these three features and characteristics. Let's go through each one. 


1. The School Shoe Material 

The material of your child's school shoes that are non-slip for the school must be supportive, elastic, and flexible. Avoid rigid materials because they are incredibly stiff and will provide insufficient traction. 

Traction is essential in school shoes, so they have stability as they run, play, and transfer classrooms. Moreover, they must wear this footwear as they travel from home to school and back, especially on rainy days when the ground is wet. Best to be prepared for all scenarios! 


2. Tread Pattern

The next feature you must check is the tread pattern, which usually appears as circles, hexagons, or squiggles on non-slip shoes. This feature is necessary to create friction, which gives the non-slip shoes a firmer grip on the ground. Again, the smaller the designs, with a suggested distance of 2mm between each, is better to provide more resistance. 


3. Anti-skid Soles

Thank the rubber made of durable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) of non-slip shoes because it assists outsoles in protecting your child from accidental trips and falls. The sturdy soles make it possible for the footwear to grip the ground even with impurities because they prevent water from becoming trapped there. 

Say hello to excellent back support because the soles of the non-slip shoes protect your child from back pains and foot and ankle issues. Prevent these injuries because they might cause adult health problems later in life. 

The anti-skid removable inner soles are great for your child's back because they offer extra arch support to lessen fatigue from prolonged periods of standing or walking. In addition, your child will gain several benefits when you get them Everflex school shoes that are non-slip! 


Everflex Non-Slip Supportive Shoes

The great thing about Everflex non-slip shoes is that your child can use them as footwear for school, providing excellent back support. In addition, our non-slip shoes for women and men come in lace-up styles in black, which meets the uniform dress code standards of most academic institutions. Some of the features that our non-slip shoes at Everflex include:


• Slip-resistant sole.

• Oil-resistant outsole.

• Commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole.

• Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and enough support.

• Flexible and padded innersole for all-day long-lasting comfort.


Our non-slip shoes also use vegan-friendly materials, which are suitable for the environment and all its inhabitants. The production of our vegan-friendly footwear did not harm any animal, and our carbon footprint was minimal. 


Your Child Deserves Back-Supporting Footwear! 

Your child carries a bag with schoolbooks and stuff that can be heavy from home to the classroom. But they don't need the added strain of slippery surfaces and back and foot aches. You can solve these issues with a pair of Everflex non-slip shoes! So say hello to serious wear with excellent grip and back support for your child.

Head to the Everflex online shop or the stockist nearest you! We have a range of brands, styles and sizes for your toddler, boys and girls that'll surely fit your child's foot and have enough toe room for your child's toes while they're in their neutral position.

Purchase a new pair, or buy multiple pairs! Your child will surely appreciate them. Don't forget to join our mailing list and get access to the latest information on our upcoming styles.