Lace-Free School Shoes For Easy Mornings!

When your children wear lace-up kids’ school shoes without knowing how to do them up, they’ll have to waste time waiting for you to do them up. Otherwise, you might have to spend time trying to untangle their attempt at lacing up kids’ school shoes. Instead of all that, you can offer them a touch-fastening pair. Big tabs are much more straightforward for little students! 


Our traditional kids’ school shoes are a must-have! 

You’ll be amazed by the ease of wear that our touch-fastening styles offer! These time-tested kids’ school shoes are a go-to for children during their first few years of education. Until they learn to tie laces, students will be in footwear with touch-fastening tabs. Here at Everflex, kids’ school shoes in this design are identical to our older versions apart from the straps (and the overall size). So, you know that students can always look their best in a pair of these. The top bands might not be as versatile as laces, but they do allow you to loosen or tighten kids’ school shoes as needed, which means a comfy fit is guaranteed! 


Sneakers and trainers have touch-fastening straps too!

You don’t need to worry about your children tripping over laces from active kids’ school shoes. Like our classroom-ready styles, sneakers and trainers from Everflex also come with touch-fastening straps. These are the ideal pick for young children to wear during PE classes and regular playtime. The dual top straps keep kids’ school shoes extra secure while they run around and have fun with their friends. 


Mary-Jane sandals are also an option!

These kids’ school shoes are a fantastic pick for little girls! Like the other designs in this collection, Mary-Jane sandals come with glossy leather-look material, so they tick all the boxes for a sophisticated presentation. The half-open top makes these kids’ school shoes are airy during hot summer and spring days, and since students wear them with thick socks or stockings in autumn and winter, they’ll stay warm too!


What else can you do to make the morning routine faster?

After all, picking the right kids’ school shoes is only a part of the issue. Corralling all of your children can be a tough and time-consuming job, which is why we’re offering some extra tips for you! One way that you can speed up your children in mornings is by having their uniform and kids’ school shoes ready to go! Instead of leaving it until the last minute to find clean socks and undies, you can lay everything out they’ll need and have it waiting for them. We also recommend packing bags the night before (including PE bags with their sports uniform and kids’ school shoes). Children who forget their lunch or their homework are in for a rough day, and taking steps to avoid that outcome is simple. 


Remember to pick your timing! 

You can devote your time and teach your children how to tie up kids’ school shoes in the afternoon, evening, or on the weekends. The worst possible time to try and coach your little one through the method is in the morning because you are less likely to be patient when you’re hurrying to get out of the door. Rushing through the process of lacing kids’ school shoes won’t help them learn any quicker, and all you’ll do is stress yourself out. So, be discerning about the times you choose to ensure that learning to tie laces is a smooth and speedy process. 


Who’s ready to make putting on kids’ school shoes simpler? 

If you want to get your little ones into kids’ school shoes quicker, then use these hot tips in 2020! Follow our lead and say goodbye to stress!