Kids School Shoes That Offer Premium Comfort!

Do you want your children to enjoy premium comfort from their kids’ school shoes? If so, then Everflex is the best possible place to shop for a new pair! Our cosy kids’ school shoes and comfy sportswear are ideal for students of all ages.


Styles from our collection get designed for the longest-lasting comfort, with their adjustable fastenings, cool-feeling designs, and built-in support features. Also, Everflex has a superb spread of accessories that can go into kids’ school shoes and offer additional cosiness. Are you ready to learn the details? Keep reading to find out the full story!


Our classic and sporty kids’ school shoes get built for long-lasting comfort!


Admittedly, the soles and impact cushioning in our sportswear are more impressive. However, the way we approach the design of kids’ school shoes remains the same, regardless of the style. We know that students are always on-the-go and that they must stay comfortable during the day. 


Otherwise, how can we expect children to perform to their highest standard without kids’ school shoes that support them? We design each Everflex pair with unique support features to safeguard student’s feet, and ensure they can always look and feel their best!


Mary-Jane sandal will keep children cosy during warm or cold weather!


As far as kids’ school shoes go, you won’t find many more fashionable than our Mary-Jane styles. With laser cut-outs, classic buckled or touch-fastening top straps, and a top like a ballet flat, these kids’ school shoes will always bring a trendy feel to a uniform. Of course, the looks aren’t the only important part of our Mary-Jane styles. These kids’ school shoes offer the best air circulation and breathability, which is why they’re a popular choice for students.

During the warmer months, the open design allows plenty of airflow to stop feet from getting hot and sweaty. In the colder months, socks or stocking will stop cold air getting in, and these versatile kids’ school shoes stop students from sweltering in classrooms with the heaters cranked up too high. 


Slip-resistant styles are ideal for working students! 


Our non-slip styles are the best combination of kids’ school shoes and work pairs! If your child has started their first casual or part-time job, they probably need to wear a uniform with plain black footwear. If so, doubling up and using your kids’ school shoes for their job too is the most cost-effective (and clever) choice!


Our slip-resistant styles look the same as classic classroom pairs, but they’ve got non-marking rubber outsoles, water and oil resistant material, padded innersoles, heel impact cushioning, and more. Your children are sure to be satisfied with having these as kids’ school shoes and workwear! 


Did you know Everflex has foot care accessories that can help too?


While kids’ school shoes are wonderfully comfortable by themselves, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of extra help! Do you think that your children could benefit from additional support in their uniform pair?


Everflex has gel, fabric, and foam innersoles that you can slide into the base of your kids’ school shoes. These accessories provide a new layer of padding and support for young feet, alleviate pressure and strain that could otherwise cause aches in your child’s feet and ankles.


Does your child have a long week full of extra club activities or sports practises? If so, you should seriously consider outfitting your kids’ school shoes with our innersoles! With a spongy base to stand on all day long, your child will be ready to go, go, and keep going! 

Stay comfy with Everflex’s kids’ school shoes!


In 2021, buy our styles for your children!