Kids School Shoes Perfect For Public And Private Schools!

Is it time to buy your child some new kids’ school shoes? Everflex has styles for students of all ages and all kinds! Whether your child is in public or private school, we’ve got a pair in our collection that will keep them looking and feeling their best!

Does your child have a more relaxed dress code?


If your children don’t have to follow a strict uniform guideline, they might have a more flexible range of kids casual shoes to try from Everflex! While we still recommend our classic classroom styles for your children, there are some fantastic alternatives for students with a bit more wiggle room.


Shall we go over some of the different girls school shoes available for you now? Mary-Jane sandals are the most popular alternative for girls of all ages. These fashionable kids’ dress shoes come in a similar shape to our traditional designs, but with some trendy changes.


Mary-Jane sandals come with buckled or touch-fastening top straps. They have an airier feel than regular black school shoes, thanks to their half-open top and laser cut-outs. Your daughter can wear these with ankle socks, crew socks, stockings, or tights— whatever they’re allowed to have on them!


We recommend thicker layers for winter and autumn, but otherwise, these kids’ brown school shoes are great trans-seasonal designs. Of course, our casual trainers and sporty kids sneakers are a top choice for students too.


Like many of our kids’ casual shoes, these are unisex designs worn by students of any gender. Trainers are the most relaxed and casual styles in the Everflex collection. If your child is allowed to be laid back about which boys school shoes they wear, then these are an attractive option.


They can polish up nicely when the occasion calls for that, but they’re also the ideal weekend footwear. Your children are sure to get plenty of use from our casual trainers and relaxed dress boots!


Finally, Everflex also has winter styles for boys. Our stretchy pull-on boots make fantastic kids’ ankle boots for wet, windy, and stormy days. The extra protection and coverage offered by these boots will ensure that your son stays safe and warm all day long!

You can choose between our leather and synthetic styles!


Which material type is superior for kids’ school shoes? We’re glad you asked because this can be tricky to figure out by yourself. So, bear with us while we explain the pros and cons of both materials. By the time we’re done, you should have a better idea of which material you’ll want for your kids’ casual boots!


Now, let’s get to it. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between our leather and synthetic kids’ school shoes using only your eyes. There’s no significant difference in price for either material.


So, if you’re going to decide which type of kids’ school shoes you want, you’ll need to think about their other attributes. Leather material is soft and malleable, making it a good choice for children with sensitive feet.


Instead of having to break in their new footwear before it fits better, your child can enjoy leather kids’ school shoes from the very beginning. The leather fabric also has excellent air circulation, which should stop your child’s feet from sweating excessively during warm weather and keep foot odor to a minimum.


What about synthetic kids’ infinity junior shoes? These styles are vegan-friendly, which means they were created through ethical sourcing and did not include any animal product or by-products. 


Anyone interested in sustainable fashion and affordable vegan kids’ extra wide school shoes should seriously consider our synthetic styles.


Plus, they have some other excellent qualities! For example, these kids’ party shoes are incredibly resilient and resistant against marking and damage (even against water!). Which of these materials do you think would work the best on your kids’ wide fit school shoes?


Ultimately, the choice is up to you! Here at Everflex, all of our kids’ school shoes get labeled as synthetic or leather. In addition, you’ll see banners on the website marking images of leather styles, and all our products have the material written into their description. As such, finding your way to kids’ school shoes in the ideal material is super simple!

Sportswear is always a must-have for students!


Like our other styles, you’ll find these active kids’ sports shoes in an impressive array of sizes and styles. In addition, we have touch-fastening sneakers for young students and lace-up ones for tweens and teenagers.


These kids socks are a must-have for any child who has weekly PE lessons, practices for club activities in the mornings or afternoons, games on the weekends, and anything along that line. But, once again, if your child doesn’t have to wear a uniform or a specific type of footwear, then it’s worth thinking about giving them sneakers or trainers as an alternative style.

If you have a child that loves to get onto the playground or kicks a ball around on the oval during recess and lunch, then they’ll need kids’ net ball shoes that can keep up with their busy feet! Sneakers and trainers are a fantastic fit for this!


For starters, the supportive and shock-absorbing soles on these kids’ school shoes will protect your child’s feet during all of their activities. In addition, the cushioned feel of our sneakers will keep them feeling their best throughout their day and when they’re taking part in fast-paced and physical-demanding fitness games too.


You don’t need to be worried about what colors our trainers and sneakers come in either. Since we are aware that most administrations expect kids casual shoes to stick to specific colors, our trainers come in all-black and all-white.


If your child is only allowed to wear black leather-look footwear in the classroom, then our sneakers will fit right in without a fuss! That’s one more way that Everflex has made it easy to pick out the perfect kids’ ingrid junior shoes  for your little one!

Come and see for yourself!


Everflex’s excellent kids’ kids shoes are waiting for you right now. Browse through the kids new arrivals at your leisure today! We’re confident that you’ll find a perfect match for your child, no matter what they need!