Kids School Shoes Don't Have to Be Boring… Everflex has you covered!

To our dear parents and guardians, here we go again! It's the start of another academic year, and we can imagine how overwhelmed you must be feeling at the moment because it's shopping season for kids' school shoes! It's tempting to rely on chance when you must consider many factors.


But please, don't. Let our team at Everflex help make the process more manageable for you. Plus, you get access to a range of kids' school shoes that are stylish, durable, comfortable, and affordable. Who says your child's footwear has to be boring?


So let's start with what you should look out for when buying kids' school shoes.


Choose the Correct Materials and Fastenings


Kids' school shoes from Everflex are available in materials and fastenings you might want to understand. While the typical go-to choice is leather, we suggest trying out vegan-friendly footwear as an alternative.

Choosing it will benefit you, your child, the environment, and its inhabitants.


Contrary to leather, which comes from the skin of sheep, goats, and cows, the production of vegan-friendly kids' school shoes did not use animals. In contrast to its leather counterpart, vegan-friendly footwear does not pollute or leave a significant carbon imprint. As for fastenings,


Everflex has the following fastenings: buckles, laces, and touch-fastening straps. Most preteens, teens, and adults choose kids' school shoes with laces because they are old enough to tie their shoe laces.


Conversely, touch-fastening or buckled styles are the best kids' school shoes for younger pupils because they are easier for children to complete.


Colours and Sizes


The Everflex kids' school shoes collection comes in black and white. Most learning facilities prefer black, but you can still check the dress code guidelines if they are okay with other colours. If not, maybe you can get the white pair of kids' school shoes for casual days or activities and physical education (PE).


As for sizes, Everflex footwear comes in: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. To understand our children's sizes better, check our available size guide. Apart from the main chart for children, two more charts split the children into age groups: Pre-Walker/Toddler and Junior/Pre-Teen.


Common Mistakes to Avoid


The team at Everflex knows how daunting it can be to go shopping for kids' school shoes, especially when pressed with time. But even so, you must be careful of common mistakes when doing this task because they can be costly for the child.


  1. Not bringing your child when shopping.


We understand how busy your lives can be as parents and guardians. Sometimes, you squeeze in shopping for kids' school shoes in between prior commitments. As such, you end up leaving your child at home.


Although you are confident that you know your child's feet like the back of your hand, you should still bring them because sizes can vary among different brands. In addition, your child doesn't have the same size for both feet.


Your kids' school shoes must be sized correctly in both length and width.

Take accurate measurements of each foot from both angles before you buy their footwear. But, it's still much better to bring them with you.

When they are present, they can personally try them on and practise walking around.


  1. Not bringing a pair of new socks during the fitting.


Bring a new pair of socks for your child when shopping for kids' school shoes. While last year's socks might still look okay, they can be overworn and won't give the desired protection. Have your child wear the socks as they try on different kids' school shoes.


Doing this ensures your child's comfort and lowers the chance that their footwear will push painfully against their skin, leading to corns and blisters.


  1. Shopping for footwear in the morning.


Another common mistake is shopping for footwear in the morning when the feet are at their smallest size. The constant movement during the day, such as walking and running, adds swelling to the feet. Because of this, we at Everflex suggest you schedule your shopping date for kids' school shoes in the afternoon.


The feet are at their maximum in the afternoon, so the footwear's size accommodates the expansion. In addition, check if you have the correct pair by asking your child to do the toe wiggle test. You know the kids' school shoes fit when they can freely move their toes.


How to Prolong Footwear's Life


Your pair of kids' school shoes is a crucial component of everyday wear in the learning facility. And knowing how tiresome shopping for a new pair is, you want to maximize their lifespan from the day you bought them.

To help you, our team at Everflex gathered information on how you can do that.


  1. Teach Your Child How to Wear and Remove Them Properly


Place the thumb in the back of the kids' school shoes until the whole foot is inside to prevent damage to the heel counter. Please do not force it in.

As for removal, everyone gets lazy sometimes and hastily kicks off the kids' school shoes, starting from the heel with the use of the other feet.


Please teach your child not to do this. The correct way to remove the footwear is to undo the fastenings first, whichever kind they are, with the help of the hands.


  1. Protect the Outer Soles


Extending the life span of your child's footwear involves preserving the outer soles of the kids' school shoes. The frequent contact between the outer soles and the ground may cause scuffs and scratches. We suggest that you clean them regularly, with the use of a cloth or soft brush.


Polish the kids' school shoes regularly to protect them from dirt and water. You might like to get our instant shine, available in our shoe care section.


  1. Take Extra Care of the Inner Lining


The inner lining of kids' school shoes consists of cloth that can become frayed and worn over time. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly directly to prevent that from happening. We suggest storing the kids' school shoes in a cool, dry place because hot and humid conditions weaken the materials.


Go and Grab One Now!


Knowing what to look for, what to avoid, and how to take care of kids' school shoes are the critical steps to getting the job done. Everflex has stylish, durable, comfortable, and affordable pairs of footwear that you should not pass on. Head to the nearest Everflex stockist or our online shop.