Kids Everyday And Sport School Shoes That Won’t Break The Bank!

On the lookout for affordable kids’ school shoes? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Customers across Australia have come to know and trust Everflex to provide low prices and high-quality designs. Not only do we offer kids’ school shoes an impressive array of ages and sizes, but we also have all sorts of styles for students too.


Are you familiar with our collection?

Traditional kids’ school shoes make up the bulk of our collection, for obvious reasons. These sophisticated styles are the go-to classroom styles and the finishing touch to uniforms. 

We have an impressive selection of sneakers and sporty kids’ school shoes as well. Our trainers and activewear come in mainly all-white and all-black, as these can suit the strictest dress codes. Children with PE classes or afternoon sports will wear these almost as often as their classroom pair. 

Mary-Jane sandals are some of our less conventional kids’ school shoes too. These partially-open styles can come with extra patternings, like geometric laser cut-outs. We highly recommend these for girls who are tired with typical kids’ school shoes, but you’ll have to consult the uniform regulations. 

Finally, we also have pull-on boots and casual trainers for students with relaxed rules. While these have the same sleek finish as our traditional kids’ school shoes, these styles are a lot more casual. Your children would happily wear these on weekends too!  

In addition, you will find that our kids’ school shoes can be touch-fastening, lace-up, or buckled styles. This is to ensure that students can find age-appropriate designs. 


We’ll make sure you stick to your budget!

Here at Everflex, affordable prices are what we’re all about. Parents have so many more expenses to take care of throughout the year, so why should kids’ school shoes be the thing that breaks the bank? Everflex’s low starting prices will ensure that you never feel the pinch when you purchase a pair from our shelves! Our kids’ school shoes can cost as little as $29.99, and our markdown and sale items go even lower. We won’t set you back much for a new pair, and you’ll get to set your children up with cosy, supportive, and durable footwear.  


Don’t forget— you can pay for kids’ school shoes with your Afterpay or Zip account!

Do you have an Afterpay or Zip account? Well, you’ll be glad to hear that Everflex offers customers the option to pay for their kids’ school shoes (or other purchases) this way! You can split up the cost into more manageable instalments while you wait for your next payday or strike other important items off of your pre-semester shopping list. Of course, we’ll send your kids’ school shoes out, as usual, so you won’t have to wait long for the new set to arrive home! 


Did you know that Everflex has a free shipping threshold?

It’s true! We know customers are more interested in spending their money on kids’ school shoes than the cost of delivery, which is why we offer free shipping for orders over $50. After all, it would be rude of us to charge you for shipping when you’ve bought so many of our styles, wouldn’t it?

Anyone buying more than one pair of kids’ school shoes should cross the threshold fairly easily. Otherwise, you can always add one or two of our awesome accessories into your shopping cart if you’re only a few dollars away off of the mark. We recommend cushioning innersoles (for additional comfort), a value-pack of soft cotton socks, spare laces for your kids’ school shoes, or one of our Instant Shine Sponges!


Why wait?

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