How To Tell If Shoes Are Non-Slip

Are you shopping for resistant shoes? Great styles are waiting for you at Everflex! Is your first time buying a slip resistant shoe from our online store?


Then, let us make things easier for you! We’ll tell you how and where you can find comfortable leather shoes at Everflex and everything you need to know to make the proper selection!


How Can You Find Non-slip Shoes  At Everflex?


Searching for these designs is a breeze on our website! In addition, Everflex has a whole section on our online store dedicated to non-slip comfort work shoes!


If you want to go straight to looking at our styles, then look for the section labelled “Slip Resistant”. You can find the section for men and womens slip resistant shoes on the Everflex website at the top of the webpage, right in the middle of our other category headers!


From there, you can click through to the mens slip resistant or womens slip resistant section or the joint section to see all the styles in one place.


From there, you’re free to have a closer look at all of our non-slip work shoe. While our designs are unisex, we split them into categories for men and women to help isolate sizes. Non-slip safety shoes in the women’s range run from a size 5 to a size 11, while men’s designs go from size 6 to size 13.


With such a variety of sizes available at our online store, you can make the most of your options and find a design that offers your ideal fit! But what do you do if you’re browsing and you want to know if you’re looking at slip resistant work shoes?


Well, we can help you figure that out too! If you’re shopping at Everflex’s online store, you can check the product description to see if the walking shoe style that you’re looking at are men or womens non slip!


We know that parents are on the lookout for features like that, so we take great care to mention them in the relevant styles.


Plus, while you could probably guess which designs in our collection are slip resistant work shoes just by eyeballing the product images, we also appreciate that telling you outright is much more convenient.


So, you don’t have to puzzle and wonder about whether or not your pair of comfort slip on shoes has a proper sole— just stop and read the description!


Before you start looking at styles, we have some essential information for you!


What Features Do Non-slip Shoes Come With At Everflex?


Well, for starters, there are specially designed soles that give these styles their name. Our  pro comfortable leather have grooved soles which offer superior traction on wet, slippery, or messy flooring giving you that genuine grip!


While our non-slip mens shoes have a polished black finish almost identical to genuine leather, these designs are synthetic.


If you’re interested in vegan-friendly slip on shoes, you’re sure to appreciate our affordable work range! And along with being an environmentally-conscious fashion choice, there are other reasons to admire our track slip resistant shoes.


The synthetic material has excellent water resistance and is impervious to damage from most liquids, food scraps, and similar messes.


Do you need waterproof womens shoes that can handle work in a café, bar or fast-food restaurant where you’re likely to come across sticky floors, spilt drinks, and food scraps? Everflex styles have got you covered! Did we mention the plethora of safety and comfort safety features on our men and womens athletic work shoes?


These fantastic pro comfortable leather designs come with heel impact cushioning for shock absorption, and the padded innersoles and arch support offer hours of uninterrupted comfort.


In addition, the outsoles of these fit slip resistant shoes are commercial grade rubber, so you know they’re robust enough to handle rough treatment day-in and day-out. So why settle for less than the best? Everflex’s csa approved shoes are sure to satisfy your needs!


We Have Pairs That Look Like Traditional School Styles!


Are you shopping for a teenager or young adult? If your son or daughter needs non-slip relaxed fit shoes for their part-time or casual job, then you can save yourself the trouble and cost of buying them a new pair of black leather shoes for school!


Our sophisticated puncture resistant designs will work as beautifully with work uniforms as they do with school uniforms, so there’s no reason why teens can’t use one trusty pair in both places. 


With their classic lace-up design, rounded toes, smooth shape, and glossy leather-look finish, these machine washable shoes will blend right in with conventional classroom styles.


Regardless of how strict your daughter or son’s dress codes regulations are (and the teachers who enforce them), there won’t be any issues with students wearing these designs to school!


Buying non-slip men's and womens shoes that your kids can wear to work and school will spare you the expense of getting two sets of footwear for them, but it will also be more convenient for your kids! Does your son or daughter get regular work shifts in the afternoons or evenings after school?


It will be much faster and easier for kids to get changed and go if they don’t need to waste time switching their footwear for safety toe slip resistant shoes.


What About Designs With A Sporty Vibe?


If you take a look at our entire collection, you’ll spot some fantastic lace-up and slide-on with track slip designs that have a sporty feel. Do you work in a more casual setting? If so, then you might prefer to get womens low heel non-slip shoes that look more like sneakers than schoolwear.


Luckily, we’ve got some fantastic designs available for you! Lace-up non-slip wide shoes come with extra padding at the ankles and more cushioning in the soles. The stitched detailing on the sides of our men and womens lace up sneakers are also fun features!


The slide-on and elastic sided designs have stretchy material and elasticised lining so that you can sling them on and off of your feet with ease. Since these non-slip arch fit shoes are lightweight and casual, many of our customers like wearing them with casual clothes and everyday outfits.


After all, if you need simple footwear that can match well with athleisure clothing and keep you comfortable during a busy day of jobs, errands, catch-up with friends, and whatever else, slip resistant shoes are the perfect companion!


We Hope That Helps!


By now, you should feel like an expert on Everflex’s non-slip shoes. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at our collection today!