How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Non-Slip Shoes

People often overlook slip resistance when buying footwear. Anyone can trip, slip, or fall into an accident anywhere, so people must consider getting non-slip shoes

While businesses in the food, hospitality, and healthcare industries require workers to wear this footwear at work, anyone who constantly deals with spillage, food, and slippery surfaces should get one, too.

If you think you're safe from accidental falls at home, think again. Slip-resistant shoes protect you from exposed cords and wires, children's small toys, leaking faucets, and scalding hot cooking oil. 

Grocery shopping is a task everyone does, a place where the risk of slipping on wet surfaces is high. They are essential for everyday tasks, and the team at Everflex is here to help you find the best option.

Slip-resistant footwear is available from various brands, but not all provide all you need. With the tips we're about to share, you can check out all the necessary features to ensure you get the correct footwear. If you're ready, let's do it!


Tip 1—Find slip-resistant soles.

Non-slip shoes ensure you do not fall or trip when exposed to fluids and wet surfaces. The footwear achieves that with massive help from slip-resistant soles. These soles provide the traction and grip necessary for work shoes. 

Check for this feature by flipping the footwear over. Slip-resistant soles have treads and grooves in shapes like circles, hexagons, and squiggles.

These shapes work hard to create friction between the surface and the shoes, so you won't fall. 

The grooves let the fluids flow continuously instead of holding them under the footwear, which prevents you from slipping. The rule of thumb is to get non-slip footwear with smaller spaces between the treads, which creates more friction.

Test this by trying on the footwear when you shop. Stores usually have an area with slippery floors, so go there and check if your anti-slip footwear remains steady.


Tip 2—Check for oil resistance.

If you constantly deal with hot fluids, like oil, primarily when you work in the kitchen or love to cook, you need anti-slip footwear to keep you safe. Burns are not a joke, especially since they can leave scars and require treatment and time off.

Oil can be slippery, but a scalding one can be painful. The Everflex slip-resistant work shoes have this feature, which keeps you from succumbing to the substance's ill effects. 

Oil resistance prevents sizzling oil from penetrating the footwe

ar and burning your toes and feet. On top of this, you can also guarantee that you will remain steady while you walk on greasy and oily floors.


Tip 3—Confirm if the rubber outsole is commercial-grade and non-marking.

Have you ever watched indoor sports like badminton, volleyball, and basketball? Aren't you amazed at how quickly they change directions, make sudden stops, and jump without falling or twisting their ankles?

Attribute their safety and stability to their footwear's commercial-grade, non-marking rubber outsoles. If you constantly deal with crowds that require you to walk sideways and make quick stops to avoid collisions, you need anti-slip footwear with this feature.

Students who traverse crowded hallways and staircases need anti-slip footwear to help them navigate the crowds in time for their next class. 

If you're a constant traveller and have experienced overcrowded airports, you know how it feels to dock around and walk in a zigzag to make it to your gate. 

Anti-slip footwear are helpful for everyday scenarios, especially if you think you're clumsy and need them to stay afoot.


Tip 4—Ensure there's cushioning and innersoles.

Being on your feet for extended periods of time is not something to take lightly. Whether running errands, teaching, presenting, or working in retail, you will be straining your feet, starting a domino effect that can affect your work. 

Cushioning in this footwear will help absorb the impact and ensure your feet remain cosy for long hours.

Every step you take generates a force that can weaken your knees, ankles, and joints. Anti-slip footwear with cushioning absorbs that force to ensure little to no effect on your body. 

More importantly, it also alleviates foot fatigue. Without non-slip footwear, being on your feet for hours repeatedly can affect you, which can affect your performance. Wear this footwear to ensure you're always at the top of your game.

If you need more cushioning than your footwear currently has, consider getting gel cushions and innersoles from Everflex. Your non-slip footwear must be a source of comfort during stressful moments.


Tip 5—Shop at Everflex.

The best tip regarding slip-resistant shoes is to buy them at Everflex. Our brand has developed slip-resistant footwear for men and women through the years. Each shoe style's design has the user's needs in mind. Our shoes tick all the necessary features to protect students, workers, and busy individuals from accidental slips, trips and falls.

Take accidents seriously because the consequences can be severe and fatal. Wearing Everflex non-slip footwear can save you from costly medical bills, treatment, and the possibility of life-altering paralysis. 

Comparing the cost of treatment versus that of a pair of Everflex non-slip footwear ($50+) will help you realise how much you save.

And since Everflex has flexible payment systems, you can purchase the items now and pay for them in instalments later. As such, you get to stay within your budget. Check out our collection now!


Tip 6—Replace the footwear regularly.

While Everflex slip-resistant shoes are durable and can withstand wear and tear, constant use will reduce the effectiveness of the grooves and treads in providing traction. Once they become shallow or smooth, you need to replace them immediately.

Keep coming back to Everflex for your next pair of anti-slip footwear. Better yet, sign up for the mailing list so you can get news on schedules of sales and discounts so that you can time your shopping during those times.


Find All You Need at Everflex!

Gain confidence with a new pair of work shoes. The advantages of these shoes go far beyond the fact that they have durability, comfort, and support ratings on par with those of famous brands like Skechers and Crews.

Heed our tips and get your non-slip work shoes at Everflex. Head to the nearest retailer or online store to grab one now!