How To Pick The Best School Shoes

Do you find picking kids’ school shoes tricky? Let Everflex guide you to the ideal styles for your children in 2021. Our team is committed to helping parents get the best popular brands of shoes online at the lowest prices, and we’re sure that we can assist you this season too!


Of course, we understand that each of our customers is unique and that it’s impossible to offer generic advice that will help everyone. Instead, we’ve figured out a better way to ensure that you know what style, size, fastenings, and material you need to look for when you next shop for kids sneakers.


We’ll pose a question to you at the start of each section of this article, tell you the options available for you, and then you can decide which one sounds the best. 


By the time you’re at the end of the article, you should have a much clearer idea about the kids sport and school shoes you need to add to your shopping list. So, let’s begin!

Which Type Of Kids’ School Shoes Do You Need To Get?

Here at Everflex, we have three leading styles for students: traditional, alternative, and sporty footwear. Traditional black school shoes are classic designs with black glossy material, grooved tread, and a smooth shape.


Close your eyes, and you can probably picture what our classroom styles look like in your mind. Since they’re an instant match with uniforms and a go-to for students, they make up the bulk of our range.


Are you looking for an alternative style to regular kids black? Our top picks for girls are trendy Mary-Jane sandals. These are fashionable mary jane shoes with their geometric cut-outs, glossy material, and iconic top straps.


We have versions for young girls mary jane school shoes and teenagers too, so there’s sure to be something there for your child! If you’re searching for a modern boys’ style, we highly recommend getting a set of our kids lace sneakers.


These come in the same classic leather-look finish as our regular kids sneakers, but they have a more casual vibe. If your son has a relaxed dress code, sneakers are the way to go. Are you looking for alternative kids shoes  that are more suitable for autumn and winter?


Our ankle boots would make a great choice too! These pull-on styles have stretchy side gussets for an easy and comfy fit. Plus, they’re the perfect comfortable durable shoes during cold weather since they’ll protect your children’s feet from wind, rain, puddles, and everything else!


Lastly, don’t forget to update your child’s activewear! Sport shoes for kids are a must-have for students, and if they’ve outgrown their regular style, then they’ll probably need a giant pair of athletic shoe!

Do You Know What Size Your Child Needs?

If you’re ordering kids shoes from the Everflex online store for the first time, we recommend looking at our helpful Size Guide! You can find the link at the bottom of our webpage.


We keep all the information about sizing for our junior kids and adult styles on this page, and you can consult the charts to find the perfect Everflex size for your child! Would you prefer to get your son or daughter fitted by a professional?


You can find Everflex styles in-store at our exclusive stockists: Spendless Shoes. Find your local store, pick out a pair of our kids shoes, and one of their team members can check the fit for you! It’s that fast and easy! 


Do you trust yourself to use the size guides on our website, or would you prefer to have your child fitted in-store by a professional? Pick whichever option works best for you!

Which Type Of Fastenings Should You Get?

The three kinds of fastenings on Everflex’s tbar school shoes are laces, buckles, and touch-fastening tabs. Typically, you would find small touch-fastening straps on mary jane designs for toddlers and small children and larger lace up shoes styles for preteens and young adults.


Here at Everflex, we look to provide the best selection of kids socks also for students of all shapes and sizes. You can find petite lace-up styles and large buckled or touch-fastening designs for your children.


If you have a teenager with tiny feet, you can still get them lace-up junior black shoes, and you won’t run out of touch-fastening styles to reach for a fast-growing child either. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which fastening to get for your child.


Are you thinking of transitioning them to lace-up shoes soon? Are you happy to keep them in touch-fastening mary jane designs for junior girls a bit longer? Think before you start browsing our collection! 


Once you’ve settled on a fastening style, you can narrow down your options for your girls and boys school shoes.

Which Material Do You Want: Leather Or Synthetic?

You can find both types of tbar school shoes and lace up school shoe at Everflex, so we’d like to clarify the benefits of each material. Leather designs have the softest feel from day one because the material is so malleable, and the natural air circulation makes them ideal for students with sensitive feet.


Unfortunately, the leather black school shoes are more likely to get scuffed, and they’re more susceptible to water damage. Synthetic styles are vegan-friendly, which means they don't get created using animal products or by-products.


If you or your children are interested in sustainable and environmentally-friendly fashion, then our vegan-friendly black or brown school shoes are sure to be a hit! Additionally, synthetic designs have superior water resistance to leather styles, and they rarely scuff, mark, or tear.


We’d also like to point out that our leather-inclusive junior kids black shoes also have synthetic material. Usually, the upper or lining is made with leather, while the rest of the style gets created from lookalike material.


So, your child will still reap the benefits of extra durability from the synthetic material, even if you kids shoes include leather.

What Do You Think?

Do you have a better idea of which popular brands of school shoes you need? When you’re ready, you can get your child’s ideal style from Everflex!