How To Determine Whether Shoes are Non-Slip?

Depending on the type of work you do, or the schedule of activities for the day, it may be necessary to wear non-slip shoes. 


This type of footwear can be required in your shoe collection, especially on days you didn’t think you would need to wear them. Non-slip shoes are great to wear when you work around slippery floors or uneven floors. 


This can include hospitality workers, tradies or when you are out and about on a rainy day. Non-slip shoes can save your life (and money on medical bills). It can be hard to find the perfect non-slip shoes, so we have compiled a range of main points to keep in mind. 


This selection criterion should be able to guide you in the right direction for the perfect non-slip shoes. Take a look below! 


Check the tread! 


One necessary factor to keep in mind when choosing your new, non-slip shoes is always to check the tread. The term "tread" refers to the patterns on the bottom of the shoes and is the section that can determine the type of grip. 


This method aims to create friction between the sole of your shoe and the ground to ensure that you grip the floor without collecting water (or whatever wet surface you are walking on) underneath. Some tread patterns that are common to see on non-slip shoes are squiggles, circles or hexagons., where hexagons generally make for the best platform for grip. 


If you cannot notice any hexagons, but you can see a range of large quantities of small shapes, then you might be in luck with fabulous slip-resistant shoes. If you find small amounts of big shapes, it is best to avoid these as they probably will not qualify as the best non-slip shoes. 


The designs on the bottom of the footwear classify as the "shoe tread", so with the correct shapes, you will be able to get your hands on a perfect pair of non-slip shoes.


Having the best tread on your non-slip shoes will ensure the most reliable grip on just about any surface that you come across. No matter the type of liquid, your non-slip shoes will be there to save the day. 


Does the shoe have any grooves?


Another thing to look for in your next pair of non-slip shoes is grooves. The grooves can be found at the shoe's base and are a noteworthy aspect to ensure that it is slip-resistant shoes. It shouldn't be a hide images that you'll never look for; check it too.


Grooves can keep any liquid material out of the sole to ensure that a tight grip on the surface is available. Non-slip shoes with grooves on the soles are less likely to trap water or any other liquid and pushes the water out. Grooves are a must-have for the ultimate slip-resistant shoes that are safe for vision-impaired profile users. Similar to this, the grooves need to get indented to a rubbery sole that easily sticks to the ground.


This issue is usually found in soft materials, whereas any other material offering a rough surface may be too rigid and not allow for an easy grip. For the perfect non-slip shoes, it is best to ensure that there will be plenty of grooves in the sole of the footwear. This factor will save you the accidental slip-over! 


Try them out in-store!


The opportunity to try non-slip shoes on before you buy them is worth grabbing onto. This step is all part of the process when it comes to choosing the best non-slip shoes possible. Trying them on in-store will be able to give you a near-to-close representation of what it will be like when you wear these shoes over a slippery floor. 


Even if there isn’t any water or liquid substance on the ground when you are in store (thank goodness!), it is still worth trying the pair on to get an accurate fit and try it on your uniform advantage corporate solutions. 


Take some time out of your shopping day to try some shoes on and, whilst doing so, make your way around the store to see how they feel. Non-slip shoes are a must-have, so it’s best to take all the correct steps in choosing your next pair. 


If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to test the shoes out on some shop-floor tiles, which still may not be slippery but smooth enough to test the grip of non-slip shoes. If you love the feeling of the footwear you’ve tried on, you’ll be walking out of the store with a grin from ear to ear and a bag full of non-slip shoe goodies. 


If you’re shopping online, check out the reviews!


After checking out all the features of a shoe that will ensure it is non-slip, it is also a great idea to check out online reviews. Online reviews can be super helpful when it comes to choosing a new pair of non-slip work shoes. 


If you are shopping online, customer reviews will become your next best friend. They can offer insight into the style of non-slip shoes you are looking at, which is great for when you can’t make it in-store and physically try on the pair of footwear.   


Reviews are brutally honest, so you can be sure to find the faults and benefits in any style of non-slip shoes that capture your interest. If you are concerned that you are still unsure about what style of non-slip shoes to buy, there is also a helpful size guide available on the Everflex website. 


This method can help you find the right fit, which is also beneficial to avoid any falls when wearing non-slip shoes. If the non-slip shoe is a loose fit, it may counteract the soles' benefits and, therefore, still, become a hazard when walking through slippery surfaces. 


Trust the process; you will have a great pair of non-slip shoes in your hands in no time.   


Time for a new pair of non-slip shoes? 


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