How School Shoes Can Double As Work Shoes!

Does your teenager need a new pair of kids’ school shoes to enter the workforce? Everflex has school shoes that can double as their new work pair! Most young adults start their first part-time or casual jobs while they’re still studying. And, since many entry-level jobs require employees to wear a uniform with plain black footwear and safety styles, your kids’ school shoes are the perfect thing to wear with them!


So, if your child needs a set that will perform as well on-the-job as it does during their lessons, then our slip-resistant styles are the perfect pick. Now, who’s ready to learn more about our excellent work-ready kids’ school shoes? Let’s get to it! 


Our slip-resistant styles are ideal for preteens, teenagers, and young adults!


As far as the sizing options go for these kids’ school shoes, Everflex has a fantastic span of styles. Non-slip designs start at size five and continue up to thirteen. That means you’ve got nine sizes to work with, and potentially years’ worth of sizes available for your kids’ school shoes. And, regardless of how slowly or quickly your child grows during their final years of study, you won’t have to search for them. You’ll always find safety styles that can fit them at Everflex!


Since our kids’ school shoes in this section are lace-up styles, they also have an adjustable fit. As such, students can tighten or loosen their pair as needed during the day, and enjoy the most versatile (and comfortable) fit experience!


Are you familiar with all the features on our non-slip kids’ school shoes?


If you haven’t had a chance to look at our slip-resistant styles yet, then we’ve got a lot to talk you through. As the name of these word-ready kids’ school shoes suggests, the grooved soles get designed for the best grip and purchase on wet, oily, and otherwise slippery surfaces. Not only does this make non-slip kids’ school shoes ideal for students during any season, but it will also keep young adults safe during fast-paced shifts at their workplace.


Teens spend long days in the classroom or after hours up on their feet while they’re on-the-job. They are sure to appreciate the shock-absorbing soles, heel impact cushioning, and the flexible and padded innersoles on our kids’ school shoes. The non-marking rubber outsoles and oil-resistant material will keep your kids’ school shoes looking in good condition.


When you pick non-slip footwear for your young adult, you’ll treat them to a timeless fit, lasting comfort, and fantastic durability!


Slip-resistant kids’ school shoes are a fantastic investment during any point of your child’s education! 


After all, you won’t always know when your child is ready (or planning on looking) for their first job; the timing is different for everyone. With all of those features put into the design to enable security and long-lasting comfort, they’re spectacular kids’ school shoes anyway!


During the busiest and most challenging weeks of the semester, students will benefit from the reliable support of our slip-resistant styles. Even in their final year and getting close to starting university, students will appreciate a new pair of our non-slip kids’ school shoes.


After all, that last semester is sure to be stressful and busy, even once they’re finished with exams! Plus, they’re sure to get their fair share of wear out of our sturdy kids’ school shoes once they’ve graduated, especially if they take time off to work during a gap year (and so many young adults do!).


Why wouldn’t you buy slip-resistant styles?


You’d be silly to pass up our non-slip kids’ school shoes when there are so many benefits for your children to enjoy! Don’t miss out on the best footwear for work and study! 

Have a look at kids’ school shoes today!