How Far in Advance Should I Buy School Shoes?

The question on every parental mind is 'when is the perfect time to buy my kids school shoes?’. It is a difficult question for sure, but the top online shopping, Everflex, has got you covered.  We know precisely when you should aim to buy your children some new school shoes, and one element to timing it right is by basing it on age. We all know that children’s feet will keep on growing until they reach their late teens. 


So, buying school shoes based on age will be your best bet! Enjoy a read below of our list of tips and many benefits at the perfect time to purchase and faster checkout your children’s primary school shoes.


For the little ones


When buying school shoes for your younger children, it can be hard to decipher the best time to grab a pair of new footwear. So, we have gathered all our knowledge to share with you about how far in advance to close checkout school shoes.  


If your child is only starting his education or under the year five mark, it would be safe to say that buying their school shoes around 3-4 weeks in advance would be ideal. This time frame is because they are constantly growing, so their feet may not be the same size a year later or even a couple of months later. For this reason, it is the easiest option to grab a pair just before they start the first term. 


Seeing as they are constantly growing, there may be instances throughout the year where you might have to invest in another pair of school shoes. 


Do not fear because you already know we will have plenty of school shoes in stock and available to try on and buy if this occurs. Growing children are an inevitable part of life, but if they are wearing the right-sized school shoes, all family members will be happy!


Pre-teen years go so quick! 


If your children are heading into secondary education, there may be some more leeway when it comes to buying them the right pair of school shoes. Kids at this age have usually gone through their first growth spurt, especially for gender boys, so you have a few years to save before the next one occurs. 


If your kid's feet have remained the same size for a while now, you will be able to buy them a slightly longer new pair of school shoes 6-8 weeks before they start the term. 


The great thing about this is that their feet will not change anytime soon, so the pair of school shoes you choose to buy should last for a year or two. This tip will save you the trouble of heading into the brands shop mid-year to grab another pair so you can get the worth of your money. 


If you find that your kids will remain the same size for a few years, you might find that investing in some leather school shoes will be your option. The leather material offers long-lasting qualities and can protect your feet through rain, hail, and shine. 


Adding a touch of leather polish to the school shoes may also prolong their shelf life. This tip is excellent for when you are aware that the school shoes will get worn by your kids for an extended period. This age is perfect for buying school shoes, so savour it while you can (because it won’t break the bank!).


High School = Cool Zone 


Okay, now we are stepping into sacred territory. Once your children reach their higher education years, it can be quite a challenging and rewarding time all at once. 


From mood swings to growing feet, the surprises never end when your kids are at this point in life. This is where the majority of your children’s last growth spurts will occur, so it's best to keep that in mind when on the hunt for new school shoes.  


Females may have their final growth spurts around the year ten mark, which means new school shoes will be needed. Buy their school shoes around 2-3 weeks before beginning the term, as this leaves enough room for any growth to occur before starting. 


This pair of school shoes should be able to last you until the end of your education, so invest in a solid team of kicks from your favourite fusion brands using your account email. Purchase, subscribe and continue shopping to enjoy free delivery.


For your male children, buying their school shoes around the same time of 2-3 weeks before starting the term is also a good idea.  Again, this leaves plenty of room for growth, which is more prominent amongst male kids. If you believe that your son will be expecting another growth spurt after year 10, it is best to grab a simple pair of school shoes. 


This can help you budget for their upcoming pairs of shoes, especially for when you least expect them. Hormones are running everywhere at this age, but having a good pair of school shoes may help to lighten the mood!


Never too many accessories!


If you've got the timing of buying your kids new school shoes down-pact, then you might find an interest in getting your hands on some accessories. It would be a brilliant idea for school shoes that require laces to have some backup laces in the cupboard


There are some instances where your kids will come home and be in dire need of a new pair of laces to save their school shoes, so it is handy. Also, if your child’s school shoes need a boost of comfort to last that little bit longer during the year, why not add some gel insoles to the pair?    


Gel insoles add an excellent level of extra comfort and support, giving your kids additional support they might need throughout the day.  It is also an excellent method to implement when you are nearly at the end of the year, and you do not want to buy any new school shoes until the new year.


Back to it, kids! 


So, when your kids are heading back to school, and you know their shoes need some improvement, you will know exactly when the perfect time to buy a new pair will be. Whether they are super small kids, pre-teens or in their soon-to-be adult years, the time frame of when to buy their new school shoes can get suited accordingly.   


A customer creating a great experience and enjoy amazing rewards with us is always our joy. Come to our menu shop, subscribe fusion rewards and checkout using your account. Happy online shopping!