Here's Our #1 Selling Non-Slip Shoes!

Do you work in an environment where you need to wear protective footwear? If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place. Here at Everflex, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible non-slip shoes that can protect you and your feet throughout a day on the job.

There is nothing we love more than rocking a pair of comfortable and supportive kicks during work and play. 


You will find that we have plenty of #1 selling non-slip shoes, which means you will have a good range of options for your next pair of kicks. If you are keen to discover our top-rated styles, designs, and tips, keep reading! 


There is something for everyone right here with us! 


Our #1 Style – Grip


Check out our go-to style of non-slip shoes! That's right! GRIP is our number one style that can instantly level up your look. We know that wearing a pair of these non-slip shoes will add a layer of comfort and protection to your feet that you may not have had before. 


You will never hate wearing these non-slip shoes in your life. GRIP features a thick and comfortable sole with sturdy outer material. The best part about these slip-resistant shoes is that they feature laces for fastening. You will never go wrong with these non-slip shoes in your wardrobe. 


Whether you work in the hospitality or healthcare field, you can trust that these work shoes will keep you protected all day and night. In addition, you will want to get a pair of these kicks for your friends and family because they are just that comfortable and supportive. So take this as a sign to invest in this footwear and add to your shoe collection like New Balance.


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Tip 1 – Tread


Get your hands on a pair of non-slip shoes with plenty of treads! If you are unsure of what this is, do not fear. We are here to help you discover the ultimate set of non-slip shoes both for women and men.


You will find that the tread on our range of non-slip shoes plays a big part in keeping your feet attached to the ground when walking on a slippery surface. However, if you are unsure how to identify the tread, you must keep an eye out for shapes on the bottom of the footwear. 


The sole will have circular or hexagonal shapes outlined on the bottom of your non-slip shoes, which is known as the tread. These shapes can protect you from falling over when walking on wet surfaces. 


The tread details will trap the liquid underneath the non-slip shoes and allow you to keep walking through. In addition, it has a clearance between the ground and the sole of your shoes for slip-resistant kicks. We are obsessed with GRIP and know that you will be too. 


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Tip 2 – Grooves


Get your hands on a pair of non-slip shoes this season. You will benefit from investing in a set of non-slip shoes that feature grooves on the sole of the footwear. 


Grooves appear as indentations on the sole of the footwear. You will find that these indentations are super supportive and can ensure that no water or wet substance can trip you over. In addition, the grooves allow the footwear to pass through easily. 


This method is beneficial as it will enable you to walk over a wet surface without worrying about falling over. In addition, grooves will keep you feeling safe and secure during a day at work. We recommend getting your hands on these kicks for your next non-slip shoes. 


These non-slip shoes will keep you safe from morning until night. These non-slip shoes will become your new favourite pair of kicks in no time!


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Tip 3 – Fastening


When shopping for some non-slip shoes, we recommend keeping an eye out for the fastening methods. This feature is super necessary to invest in and can keep your feet protected all day and night long. 


You will never go wrong with these kicks in your life. We recommend buying a range of footwear that offers touch-fastening or lace-up designs. These non-slip shoes will never leave your side. These black patent shoes will take you anywhere and anytime.


You will find that a strong and sturdy fastening technique can ensure that your feet are safe and secure all day and night long. It will keep your feet and shoes intact together like a heel strap in heels. You will never go wrong with wearing a pair of these non-slip shoes during work and play. Purchase this footwear from our store site!


Take this article as your sign to invest in them!


Tip 4 – Rubber Sole


Check out our range of non-slip shoes and see how quickly they can keep you protected. But, of course, you will never go wrong with these rubber soles by your side. 


You need to keep an eye out for hard versus soft rubber soles. If your new non-slip shoes feature a hard rubber sole, you are guaranteed to feel supported throughout the day and night. 


We recommend steering clear from investing in a pair of soft rubber sole blue non-slip shoes because they are less supportive, and you would be more likely to trip and fall over with these kicks on your feet. You will never go wrong with a pair of hard rubber sole non-slip shoes! Get them at a very affordable price!


Tip 5 – Accessories       


Keep your feet safe and secure all day with our range of non-slip shoes. In addition, you will benefit from getting your hands on a pair of accessories. 


Footwear accessories such as innersoles can help improve the comfort levels and longevity of your non-slip shoes. We recommend investing in some innersoles for your new pair of kicks. These can give you an instant level of comfort for your feet. 


You will also benefit from getting your hands on backup socks and laces. The way you fasten your pair of non-slip shoes is super necessary for keeping you safe, so investing in some backup accessories is a must-do. 


There are never too many backup accessories in your life. So keep these accessories in your cupboard for a rainy day. Your new pair of non-slip shoes will love you for it!


Have you found the perfect pair of non-slip work shoes?


Our range of kicks is guaranteed to tick all the right boxes. You will never go wrong with these non-slip shoes in your life. 

Head to the Everflex website today and treat yourself to a comfortable and supportive new pair of kicks! Collect shoes and our many benefits. Visit our brand's shop now!