Girls' School Shoes That Are Perfect From Prep Through to Senior Year

Starting education is a big step for any child, and as parents, we want to ensure that our daughters have everything they need to feel confident and comfortable as they embark on this exciting journey. 

But, of course, one of the most important things to consider is their girls' school shoes.

Excellent styles apply to all stages, from their first day of prep to their final year as seniors. And that's what we have at Everflex. 

The Everflex school shoes for girls are perfect for every stage of their education. From the first time they tie their laces to the moment they walk across the stage to receive their diploma, these classic styles will provide comfort and support along the way. 

We know that as our daughters grow and change, their feet will too, and these school shoes will adapt and grow with them, ensuring they're always one step ahead. 

Read on if you want to learn more about the different Everflex school shoes for girls that will be with them every step of the way!



Fastenings are essential for ladies' safety, comfort, and stability. Everflex shoes have different ways to close, like touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces, which are suitable for kids with varying skill and foot growth levels. 

Regardless of the educational stage, your daughter will benefit from fastenings from when they start learning as prep students until their senior graduation. These fastenings secure the shoes and provide a secure fit throughout the day. 

Also, fasteners are adjustable, so people can make the fit tighter or looser depending on their feelings.


Fastening 1—Laces 

As the first fastening we will discuss, laces are the ultimate way to securely keep the shoes in place. 

These long, thin strings move through the eyelets of the shoes, providing uniform tension throughout the entire foot and minimising pressure points for improved blood flow. 

Not only do laces provide a secure fit, but they are also easy to clean and replace. As the only fastening independent from the shoes, you remove them and do what you want. 

If your kid wants to experiment with style by replacing the laces of their shoes with colourful ones, let them. They will start to develop their sense of style, and a fresh pair of laces can do wonders for their appearance. 

Get laces from Everflex! Keep them clean by handwashing them or adding them to your next laundry load.



Lace-ups are the ultimate blend of form and function for older students. They're not just pretty, and they're also practical! 

The adjustability of these shoes ensures they can adapt to your growing daughter's feet, whether she's just starting prep or graduating senior year. In addition, the laces offer a secure fit so she can skip, jump, and play confidently.


Fastening 2—Touch-Fastening Straps 

Touch-fastening straps are the next level of convenience for shoes. The two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny hooks and one with a rough surface, work together to create a secure fit. 

With just one hand, your child can secure her shoes and be on her way quickly.

However, it's important to note that there are some limitations to this fastening: the straps may pick up dirt and lint, the noise when separating the straps can be annoying, the straps may attach themselves to various materials and damage them, and you must replace the shoes once they lose the adhesion.


Double Straps 

Let's talk about the double-strapped wonder! These shoes are not just stylish but also practical. The touch-fastening straps allow your young lady to adjust the fit as she needs, ensuring a perfect fit. 

These double-strapped beauties also come with durable and supportive soles, making them perfect for active students who are always on the go. 

From the classroom to the playground, these can keep up with her every step of the way. So, whether your kid is a beginner or a senior student, this double-strapped footwear is an excellent choice!


Mary Janes 

Say hello to Mary Janes, the timeless and elegant footwear that has stood the test of time. Known for its round-toe design and flexible yet durable soles, it is the perfect footwear for active young prep girls until busy senior students. 

It offers breathability and an easy-to-use touch-fastening strap for a secure and adjustable fit. So add a touch of classic charm to your daughter's uniform with these shoes from Everflex.


Fastening 3—Buckles 

Buckles are a sturdy fastening option for shoes that are perfect for students at any level of their education, from prep to senior year. They provide a secure fit and offer adjustability, allowing the student to customise the tightness of the footwear to their comfort level.



The T-Bar style of shoes is perfect for prep to senior-year students. They can be adjusted, give support, and are long-lasting, which makes them an excellent choice for feet that are growing. 

This timeless design is flattering and easy to wear on the feet, making it a favourite among students and parents. The buckle can be tightened or loosened, and the T-bar straps add extra support and stability. 

Also, the cushioning in the ankle area is designed to keep you as comfortable as possible all day. This makes them the perfect shoes for busy days.


Elevate the Academic School Experience With the Help of Comfortable Kids' School Shoes! 

With all these options, you will undoubtedly find the perfect pair of shoes for your young lady at Everflex. 

Whether your daughter is just starting her educational journey in prep or nearing the end of her senior year, our footwear provides comfort, support, and durability. Maintain their polish by purchasing Everflex Instant Shine

Head to Everflex today or visit our nearest store and let us help your child make the most of her learning years! We have a wide range of shoes in many sizes to suit children of all ages. Use the handy size guide to help you determine the correct shoe size.

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