Girls Buckle Up School Shoes for Summer

Going to class in the summer adds another layer to the things that can distract your child from a complete learning experience. Warm weather can be distracting and uncomfortable, especially if they get sweaty feet from the wrong shoes.

The task of parents and guardians to avoid this is to find the ideal footwear that will provide them breathability, allowing air to circulate so moisture can escape. This school shoes predicament needs attention, and with the help from our team at Everflex, you are not alone.

While there are several styles available for your daughter to use during classes, we will recommend only those that particularly suit the summer season. (Compare with popular brands, like Harrison, Clarks, Skechers, etc. You'll agree that the only difference is our low prices!)

Girls' lace-ups are generally bulkier and warmer, so we've decided to skip them. Instead, we'll look at those featuring cutouts or open tops and secure them with buckles.

We'll also cover Mary Janes in a separate article because they are still trendy, and discussing their many benefits will take up a whole page!

Allow our team at Everflex to help you by describing what a buckle is, how it keeps the footwear secure, the range of styles we have, and how to maintain it. After this crash course, you can expertly explain anything related to Everflex buckle-up school shoes!


What is buckle fastening?

A buckle or clasp is a fastening useful for securing two loose ends, whether a belt or a pair of footwear. The mechanism works by sliding one end into the buckle attached to the other end, latching the catch on any of the holes.

Your child can adjust the fit depending on which hole they latch the catch. Buckles are excellent fastenings and easy to adjust, providing your daughters a comfortable fit during summer. 

In addition, buckles do not become undone, unlike laces, ensuring the footwear remains on your child’s feet.

We’ve mentioned that the perfect girls’ school footwear for your daughter in the summer combines open-top, cut-outs, and buckle fastening. In short, you need T-Bar style footwear.


What are T-Bar Girls School Shoes?

The T-Bar is a style for school shoes with a closed design. It’s a low-cut footwear with two or more straps forming one or more T shapes, locked in place by a buckle. Everflex has three products in this design.

Aside from the buckle, the common denominator of all T-Bars available at Everflex is the rounded toe box, laser-cut with a pattern of holes, both serving a purpose beneficial to your daughter’s comfort. 

So let’s start with the design of holes or cut-outs. While these holes make the school shoes extra attractive, they also serve as an additional entryway for air.

Because sweat is more likely to build up during the summer, you want more breathability in your child’s footwear. Thanks to these holes, your kid can avoid sweaty feet as they can cause health problems like bacterial and fungi build-up and a foul odour emanating from the shoes.

A rounded toe box is a massive plus for school shoes because it gives your child’s toes enough wiggle space. It is one of the key features to look for when buying footwear for your kid because it will allow the toes to spread, boosting their balance and stability.

Avoid shoes that squeeze your child’s toes together as they can cause problems your kid can carry until adulthood, like bunions, corns, and hammer toes. Instead, we recommend leaving space the size of a child’s thumb width between your daughter’s longest toe and the footwear tip.

Remember to use our handy size guide to find the right size!


Material for Kids' School Shoes

The Everflex T-Bars use leather and leather upper materials to guarantee durability and breathability. Your kid will appreciate having leather uppers for school shoes because they keep their feet cool and dry, protecting them from harsh weather.

Expect your kid to participate in games and sports in the summer. Thankfully, leather school shoes are more durable and can withstand an activity-filled day! In addition, leather footwear can outlive footwear made from synthetic materials.

By now, you’ve read breathability repeatedly in this article, but it’s an essential factor that will keep children remain comfortable in the summer. For example, did you know that leather shoes breathe? 

Breathing, in this sense, means that air passes through materials, not only through holes but through the whole footwear.

Another benefit of using leather shoes is a better fit, ideal for your daughter’s developing feet. Leather moulds to the shape of their feet, accommodating whatever form, giving them extra comfort and support as they go through the requirements of summer classes.

We expect dust and dirt to build up under your child's footwear. Cleaning their shoes can prolong their life, giving you more bang for your buck. Shoes made of leather are easier to clean and wash down with a damp cloth. Keep them polished with instant shine from Everflex.


How to care for buckles?

Keeping shoes looking good as new will reflect on your child’s hygiene, so aside from maintaining their lustre, also look out for the buckle. Of course, like all other things, the fastening can age over time. 

But there are ways and household materials to help you remove the tarnish and keep the shoes looking new.

You will need a soft bristle toothbrush, toothpaste, and an old T-shirt. Start by running the shoes' buckles under warm water, avoiding the shoe if you can. Next, apply the toothpaste to the buckle and gently scrub with the toothbrush.

An improvement in the buckle’s appearance means it’s time to rinse it off with warm water. Use the toothbrush on the fastening again if toothpaste remains. Dry it gently with an old T-shirt. Repeat all the steps until you get the desired shine.


Give Your Child the Best Summer Experience! 

Get the T-Bar buckled shoes from Everflex to give your daughter the best summer class experience.

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