Experience The Everflex Fit!

Are you tired of difficult shopping trips? Finding kids’ school shoes in the right size (and at a great price) is no struggle when you go shopping at Everflex. We’ve made it our mission to deliver the best styles and the most expansive range of sizes for our customers. After all, kids’ school shoes are difficult to keep up with when you have rapidly-growing children, and constantly replacing them would be a costly endeavour without our competitive prices!

Now, who’s ready to experience the easiest search for kids’ school shoes? When you shop only at Everflex, you can track down your child’s ideal size with complete ease! 


Our kids’ school shoes come in all the sizes you could need!


You’ll be blown away by the age range that Everflex styles can cater to. Our full collection of kids’ school shoes include size 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. These will fit toddlers, juniors, and preteens. Since there are no gaps between our kids’ school shoes, your children can simply hop from one size to the next with complete ease.

And, since each design in our collection boasts a large spread of sizes, you can easily replace your child’s favourite pair when they need a bigger version!

Whether you’re shopping for conventional classroom styles or sporty footwear for PE classes, you will have no trouble getting kids’ school shoes that fit your child! 


Are you shopping for a teenager? No problem!


Because our kids’ school shoes and adult designs are separated into categories, we understand that buying for teenagers might be confusing. So, let us clear some things up about purchasing pairs for young adults. Our kids’ school shoes end at size 6, which is the same as the smallest of our adult designs.

When your child outgrows the largest pairs in the children’s range, they will be able to move straight onto the smallest of our men’s or women’s styles. How simple and easy is that? Instead of waiting awkwardly to grow into our adult sizes, Everflex customers can make a smooth transition from kids’ school shoes without pause. 


We offer a handy size guide for you on our website!


Do you find it difficult to judge the correct size for your kids’ school shoes? Don’t worry, because this is a surprisingly common issue for parents. If you aren’t familiar with Everflex sizing, it could be tricky for you to judge which size would be suitable for your child. Similarly, if you’re used to buying your kids’ school shoes using a non-Australian measurement (like UK or US, which are common), then you may need help figuring out the relative Everflex size.

To avoid any such confusion, we’ve created a size chart that will help you compare different measurement systems with Everflex ones. If you know what your child’s ideal kids’ school shoes are in even one of these units, then you’ll be able to compare them and figure out the others. 


Let us teach you how to test the fit of kids’ school shoes yourself!


The steps are super simple, we promise! First, have your child put on their new kids’ school shoes. Ensure that they wear their official uniform socks (thick or thin material will make a difference) and then do-up the pair until they are secure and comfortable. Next, ask your child to stand. Press down on the top of your kids’ school shoes and feel for their longest toe. Once you’ve found it, check the distance between the tip of their toes and the material; ideally, there should be a centimetre of free space. 



Want to learn more about our kids’ school shoes?

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