Everything You Need To Know About Boys School Shoes

Do you want to know more about the kids school shoes, especially boys at Everflex? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the range right now!

We Have An Enormous Range Of Sizes Of Kids Sport Shoes Available!


Everflex has boys’ casual shoes in sizes for all ages! Our sizes include 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Boys’ trail run shoes from 9-10 will fit toddlers, 11-13 are junior styles for bigger kids, and 1-6 are our preteen or mens training shoe sizes.

Once your child outgrows strapped shoes in size 6, they can transition straight into the men’s selffastening straps range at Everflex, and that means fitting larger teens is no trouble either! Additionally, our online store has boys’ and mens walking shoes for kids of all shapes and sizes.

Plus, you can keep coming back for your son’s favourite surf sandals style!

If you make Everflex your go-to online store for buying black and brown school shoes, you can seriously speed up your pre-semester shop.

Each of our court borough low inspired designs can come in up to eleven size options, so if you discover a favourite pair of mens running shoes during your child’s first years in the classroom, you can choose the same reliable design of Nike court for years!

Given this, we recommend that you save the name of your boys’ party shoes somewhere, whether you jot the name down like Julius Marlow in your planner/diary or make a note on your phone. Do you remember what your son’s favourite style was called?

Don’t stress if you can’t recall the name of your junior girls and boys’ shoes. You can easily check the label on the shoebox (if you still have it) or go back through your inbox and retrieve the style name from your old Everflex order confirmation email.

How easy is that?

Our Boys’ And Girls School Shoes  Come In Touch-fastening, Lace-up, And Pull-on Designs!


With many different fastening options available at Everflex, getting a pair of varsity leather shoes that’s age-appropriate for your son should be straightforward and easy.

When it comes to buying hush puppies styles for younger children, boys’ and girls shoes with touch-fastening straps are the go-to options. They’re easy for little kids to readjust when they need to, and they’ll keep their feet secure during playtime.

Our touch-fastening black school shoes come with two top bands, so students get double the protection!

Lace-up designs are the style of choice for older kids and young adults. These offer a fit that you can adjust to your ideal comfort with ease, which means students who need a narrow, average, or wide fit can all rework their pair accordingly.

One of the best things about shopping for dress shoes and sports shoes at Everflex is that you can buy large touch-fastening styles and small lace-up designs.

After years of helping students find the ideal pair, we know that kids grow at different rates. And whether you’ve got a fast-growing child who isn’t confident enough to tie laces or a young adult with tiny feet, they deserve to get kids shoe that can suit their age and needs.

Finally, we also have some great pull-on designs! These stretchy boots are a popular choice for active kids during autumn and winter since they’ll protect kids’ feet from rain, mud, and cold weather.

We’ve got fantastic trainers for PE classes, extra-curricular sports, and other activities!

Don’t Forget About Sporty Junior Boys Shoes!


When your children outgrow their everyday styles, it’s a sure bet that their trainers will need replacing too. And given that your children wear sneakers for physically demanding and fast-paced activities throughout the week.

It’s imperative that their boys shoes offer the proper amount of support. So we design our sportswear with built-in arch support, shock-absorbing soles, grooved tread for the best grip and traction, slight padding around the ankles, breathable mesh material, and other handy features.

That means that your kids can count on reliable comfort and protection from boys' ankle boots whenever they have our sneakers on their feet.

Now, would you like to hear a bit more about what’s available for you from Everflex’s online store?

Like our traditional boys’ trade enquiries shoes, you can find trainers with classic laces or dual touch-fastening straps. As such, you are,selecting a set of sneakers that will suit your child’s age and experience is just as straightforward for active footwear!

Does your son’s dress code specify which colours are allowed for active boys’ ethical sourcing shoes? For example, while some students get to wear colourful or patterned trainers, there are just as many that won’t permit kids to wear them with their PE uniforms.

Here at Everflex, our Nike Air-inspired shoes are always a safe option since they come in all-black or all-white. So students will never get in trouble for wearing our black-coloured trainers!

Did You Know Everflex Has Vegan-friendly Shoes In Leather Styles?


A quick disclaimer before we begin talking about these styles! Womens running shoes might come in different materials, but they all have the same sophisticated and formal feel.

Synthetic styles and genuine leather designs are practically identical, so there’s no need to make your decision based on what they look like. Instead, you can focus on which attributes you want for your cross training shoes and make your pick from there.

Let’s start with synthetic designs! Faux leather mens shoes and kids' mary jane are vegan-friendly, have excellent water resistance, and the material is super durable.

Styles that include leather uppers or lining are best for kids with sensitive skin since they offer the best air circulation and malleable material that is gentle on the feet. Which training shoes do you think would be best for your son?

Are You Feeling Better About Picking Walking Shoes Now?


Hopefully, this quick rundown of the Everflex range has taught you more about what’s available from our range and given you an idea about which styles you might need for your son.

Before we go, you should know that Everflex also has all the accessories you could need for your young womens running and mens running shoes!

Whether it’s spare laces, uniform socks, cleaners, or foot care products like our innersoles, you can find what you need to maintain the quality of your son’s new pair. Now, come and look at some boys’ school shoes with our size guides on the Everflex website!