Check Out These New Styles of Kids' School Shoes

Kids' school shoes play a massive role in your child's academics. They can affect your child's concentration and performance, either make or break it. 

For instance, when the kids' school shoes have all the features that make them comfortable, supportive, durable, and stylish, they can boost the child's confidence and improve their performance. These features are what a brands shop advertises to get customers to buy their products.

Conversely, ill-fitting footwear can cause pain and distract them from giving their best. Not only that, but the wrong kids' school shoes can impact their foot health, some of which can be permanent. 

They can take deformities like hammertoes and clawed toes with them until adulthood. Since parents only want the best for their children, you need to get the best kids' school shoes! And where can you get the best ones?

Everflex! The brand provides the most comfortable and in-demand kids' school shoes. The styles available are attractive to students of all ages. 

Young ones can choose from the new and varied types of Everflex kids' school shoes to ensure they have the best academic experience. If you're ready to discover the styles, please read on!


Style 1—Pull-on Ankle Boots

The pull-on ankle boots are ideal kid's shoes for young boys who are still learning how to close fastenings. 

Devoid of any fastening, they can wear this stylish and durable footwear within seconds with the help of pull tabs. 

Check out Benson, a boot-style school shoe made of leather material. The leather keeps this footwear breathable and insulated, ideal for warmer and colder days.

Benson will stay snug on your child's feet thanks to the elastic side gussets, which expand to accommodate any foot shape. The side gussets revert to provide a comfortable fit.

This style has features like round toes and traction soles for comfort and stability. Maximise these stylish kids' school shoes by wearing them on weekends. The boots match well with suits and are ideal for formal events!


Style 2—Mary Janes

Young ladies would feel like dolls wearing the Mary Jane kids' school shoes. This classic style is a popular staple in academic uniforms. 

There's a high interest in these kids' school shoes because of their breathability and perfect fit. They'll love to wear this style during warmer months because the open-top design allows air to circulate and keeps their feet fresh all day. 

A single top strap with touch-fastening straps secures the footwear, so they won't accidentally remove them. 

Everflex has two Mary Jane styles available: Stacey and Lacey. Both kids' school shoes have round toes for comfort and a single strap for security.

Stacey has a slightly padded sole to absorb impact, protecting your child's feet from injuries. It is because of the long hours spent preparing the footwear that the product works correctly. 

While Lacey has similar characteristics, these kids' school shoes differ with their glossy black finish and slight heel.

Maximise this style for weekend events! They can wear Mary Janes with a dress, tights, and even a uniform, which provide warmth for special gatherings like parties and family reunions.


Style 3—Double Strap

The double strap is a unisex shoe with two touch-fastening straps to secure the footwear while your kid participates in classroom activities or playground games. 

To wear these kids' school shoes, your kid must know how to press together two nylon strips. Securing the footwear is as easy as that. 

However, your children need to exert force when tearing them apart. A distinct sound comes out whenever your kid opens these shoes.

Check out Verb, a leather style that provides breathability for warm days and insulation when the temperature dips. Double straps have robust soles that support your child's every move. They have grip and traction to keep your kid steady and safe.


Style 4—T-Bar

The T-Bar is for girls, comparable to Mary Janes. They look the same with rounded toes and an open-top style; the only difference is that the straps form a T over your child's foot, which locks.

These kids' school shoes have more openings for air to circulate thanks to their laser-cut geometric cut-out design. 

Buckles are more challenging to lock than touch-fastening straps, but they are great for your child's fine motor skills and problem-solving skills. 

The incredible thing about kids' school shoes that use buckles is that they don't come undone easily, reducing the chances of your kid removing the footwear accidentally. 

Everflex has three leather T-Bar styles: Staple, Jilly 2, and Scholar. Choose Scholar for its flexible design and grooved grip for your child's comfort and security. 


Style 5—Lace-ups

Lace-up kids' school shoes for boys and girls require the advanced skill of tying laces independently. While teaching them this skill may require time and patience, it can be rewarding. 

Of the fastenings, laces provide the most adjustability. How you tie or lace them through the eyelets of the kids' school shoes affects the fit.

All three are available at Everflex and come in leather, which ensures breathability and insulation. Laces are the only fastening independent of the kids' school shoes, so you can clean and replace them separately from the footwear.

Choose Tutor, a lace-up shoe that offers more features your child will love: a breathable mesh lining, a padded collar for comfort, a removable insole for dual fit, and a reinforced toe and heel. This versatile style will match well with jeans and a top for weekend mall trips with the family.


Style 6—Sneakers

The Everflex team recommends getting a second pair of footwear different from the regular kids' school shoes. The second pair is usually sneakers or trainers, ideal for rougher activities like sports and PE. 

These can absorb more impact from jumping, running, and other strenuous movements to keep your child injury-free. It's best to check out Stick 2 and Tie 2.


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