Boys School Shoes That Will Be Perfect For Their Sports Class

Do you need some sporty boys’ school shoes before the semester starts? Get your new sneakers and trainers from Everflex! Our collection is the perfect pick for kids who love to run, jump, play, and have fun! Our traditional boys’ school shoes are always popular with parents, but there’s no way you can pass up our sporty styles either! Let us talk you through our latest looks and share some insider information. We’re sure you’ll find boys’ school shoes in our collection that sparks your interest. 


What sort of colours do we offer?


Sneakers and other sporty boys’ school shoes from Everflex come in two colours: white and black. Uniform regulations and dress codes are getting stricter every year, and the best way to avoid trouble is with a safe all-white or all-black pair that will match your kids’ uniform. 


Are there different designs? 


Like our tradition boys’ school shoes, sports styles come in two variations: lace-up or touch-fastening. At Everflex, we divide these variations by size. Younger kids have sets with touch-fastening straps while preteens and young adults get laced styles. Touch-fastening designs are secure and easy to adjust, so they’re the ideal option while your little ones are still learning to tie up laces. Of course, lace-up boys’ school shoes are the design of choice for older students, who could use the extra support and fit adjustment that these provide. 


What features should you check on the style?


When it comes to sneakers and trainers, the grip is the most vital piece of the design. Unlike regular boys’ school shoes, which can get away with lacklustre tread (not ones from Everflex, obviously), a decent grip is a necessity for trainers. Without the proper traction, high-speed manoeuvres and quick direction changes are impossible to pull off safely. Keep in mind that boys’ school shoes have to handle different terrains too, including slippery indoor courts, muddy football fields, grassy ovals, sandpits, and more! Grooved grips on the soles are as vital and useful for functionality as they are for safety. 


Everflex designs active boys’ school shoes with all of these factors in mind. Browse through our collection online, and you can see the type of tread outfitted on our sneakers by clicking through the product images. You’ll be able to spot the ridged soles on our boys’ school shoes from the side profiles alone. 


Do you want to offer your kids some extra support?


Everflex is known for cosy boys’ school shoes, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t offer additional foot care items. Our fabric innersoles, half-innersoles, and heel grips are the perfect add-ins for your boys’ school shoes. The full-length innersoles provide support for the entire foot, while half-sized ones sit under the balls of the feet. If your children experience regular aches and pains after tough sports training, then these will bring much-needed relief. The extra padding works with the shock-absorbing design of our boys’ school shoes and reduces strain on muscles and bones. Do your children come home with blisters on their back heels? Well, our heel grips will put a stop to that! These handy grips will stop your boys’ school shoes from slipping at the back, and help cover up a sensitive area and blister hotspot. 


Honestly, why wouldn’t you shop at Everflex?


Don’t miss out on getting our boys’ school shoes in 2020! Our low prices, spectacular styles, and fast delivery make Everflex the ideal place to shop this season. We’ve got the sneakers, trainers, and sport boys’ school shoes that your kids need for their next semester. So, remember to stop in and browse sometime soon! The best boys’ school shoes are only a few clicks away!