Boys Are Rough On The Feet… These Tips Will Help Maintain Your School Shoes!

Have you been looking for boys’ school shoes that can last longer?

Read on for all of our tips and tricks: 

Pick a style that can handle rough wear

Everflex takes care of our youngest customers by providing them with grooved soles on their boys’ school shoes. Since their feet are still developing, we focus on comfort and flexibility. However, if you’re shopping for teenagers or young adults, then the best boys’ school shoes have to be our slip-resistant range. These are tough, durable, and ready for anything! As their name suggests, our styles will stop you from slipping or tripping on any surface so you can move with confidence! 

Make sure they fit!

One of the most common ways that boys’ school shoes get worn down is because of scrapes and slips. If your child is wearing a pair that’s too big, the chances of them marking the material increases. Not only are they likely to scuff the top of their boys’ school shoes on the classroom floor while they’re sitting, but cause them to trip. Along with ruining the material, oversized boys’ school shoes also pose a risk of skinned knees and elbows if they make your child trip. While it’s tempting to pick a larger size that your kids can grow into, getting boys’ school shoes that fit right away is crucial to their comfort and safety. 

To check the fit, have your child stand up in their boys’ school shoes (with their socks included, of course) and press your thumb down on the top. Ideally, there should be about a centimetre between the end of the style and your child’s toes. If there’s significantly more or less space between them, then it’s time to go shopping again.

Does your child get sore feet? 

Aches and pains aren't caused by boys’ school shoes alone. Little kids are known to wear themselves out, but older students with stressful schedules can also fall prey to fatigue. And, while our boys’ school shoes have long-lasting comfort and support, we’ve got accessories that maximize them as well!

Innersoles are a fantastic addition to boys’ school shoes, no matter their age. You can cut down and customize our one-size-fits-all inserts to fit your child’s feet perfectly. Everflex offers either gel-infused or fabric innersoles, depending on how much additional support you think that your kids need to see out their day comfortably. 

If you want these boys’ school shoes to last longer, then use our care products on them! 

We have exceptional care items that can clean up leather and synthetic boys’ school shoes! At Everflex, our products will help you maintain the integrity of your boys’ school shoes. Instead of buying a brand new pair (especially when the style still fits and there are no holes), you can neaten up your current pair in no time! If your kids are notorious for putting their footwear through significant stress, then you will appreciate the ease and convenience of our accessories too. 

Our best care product for boys’ school shoes has to be our Instant Shine sponge. There's no need to worry about waxy or viscous gel ruining the material since this cleaner works dry. All you need to do is give your boys’ school shoes a scrub with Instant Shine and see how fast it works. Dirt, dust, and other messes should be off in a flash. Since they work on all colours and fabrics, you can use these sponges on any styles that need a clean! How great is that?

We hope that helps!

Get boys’ school shoes that will go the distance this season when you shop at Everflex!