Best School Shoes For All Day Wear!

Your children deserve school shoes with the best comfort! Their pair needs to be flexible enough to support hours sitting at a desk and then playing outside. School shoes are the most frequently worn pair in any child’s wardrobe, and that single set has got a lot of expectations riding on them.

Students need to be able to wear their pair day-in and day-out for most of the year, and that’s why Everflex believes that a comfortable and supportive fit is non-negotiable. You can trust our excellent school shoes to help students last all day long, no matter how busy their schedule gets! 


School shoes from Everflex get built with busy days in mind!


After all, we know how demanding a student’s schedule can be! On top of an already full day of lessons and socializing with friends, your child (and their school shoes) might have early-morning club meetings or afternoon sports practices on their plate as well. It’s no wonder that so many students return home exhausted. So, do your part to help them out, and offer up Everflex’s excellent school shoes! 


Our classic classroom styles and sneakers have got your kids covered!


We pride ourselves on providing both the most affordable and the most enduring school shoes for our customers. If you’re looking for styles that are easy to clean and can survive the harshest wear, then our synthetic designs are the ones to choose. Your children won’t be able to run these school shoes ragged! Both our sportswear and our conventional school shoes come in this sturdy artificial material, so you’ve got your pick of the lot. 

We know you’ll be impressed by the built-in support features and cosy feel of our trainers and classic footwear. 


Do you want to know about our top pick for teenagers?


Here at Everflex, we have an excellent range of school shoes for young adults and teenagers. However, the standout styles from this collection are, undeniably, our slip-resistant ones. While they can pass as school shoes perfectly, these tough safety styles are suited to your teenager’s workplace. 

Does your child have a casual or part-time job at a fast-food restaurant, café, cinema, retail store, or a similar place? The classic lace-up design, rounded toes, and shiny leather-look material will allow our slip-resistant styles to blend in with regular school shoes. But they’ll offer even more support and ease of wear than our typical uniform styles. Non-slip designs have sturdy and non-marking rubber soles, grooved slip-resistant grip, heel impact cushioning, padded innersoles for enduring comfort, and so much more!

With these excellent school shoes on your teen’s feet, they’ll survive a long day of lessons and thrive during a long evening shift at work right afterwards! 


Our care accessories will make your child’s school shoes even cosier!


If you haven’t given your kids the chance to try our foam or gel innersoles, then the time is now! These handy inserts will treat your children to an even comfier fit, and they’ll make your school shoes more supportive than ever! With our innersoles there to cushion and safeguard your child’s feet, they should stop returning home with achy feet and legs after a busy day of lessons and extracurricular activities.

At Everflex, we offer both full-sized innersoles and half-sized innersoles, so you should have no issue finding the right ones for your child.


All-day comfort is guaranteed with Everflex school shoes!


Do you want your kids to go into their busiest weeks with total confidence? Well, our school shoes are what they need! We have so many wonderful styles for you to choose from in 2020, so come and have a look!