Benefits of The Everflex ‘Wave’ School Shoe!

Are you on the hunt for some incredible kids’ school shoes?

Everflex is here to help you today with our lovely Wave style! This classroom classic is comfy, traditional, and comes with dozens of design features. So, if you’d like to learn more about these stellar kids’ school shoes, then keep reading!

1. Wave is ideal for teenagers and young students with big feet

Wave spans a size range from size 5 to size 11, which means it creates a bridge between kids’ school shoes and adult ones. Not only does this make it easier for children to grab a new style after a growth spurt, but it also means that students with larger feet don’t miss out on a great design. Given their size, you’ll find Wave is in our women’s range when you shop with us online. But, for this article, we’ll be discussing their benefits as kids’ school shoes.

2. They’re a timeless look for the classroom (and outside of it)

Search around, and you’ll find that most kids’ school shoes have a similar style. The smooth material is a must, and so are round toes and black glossy sheen. As such, Wave will never look out of place on your child’s feet! Even the strictest dress code would struggle to find a flaw in Wave. However, these kids’ school shoes are also a fantastic pair to take outside and play in too! Take a glance at the soles, and you’ll see Wave has grooves that improve the grip. Running around in these kids’ school shoes will be a breeze in any season, as the supported soles keep children steady.

3. Wave is synthetic and leather

When it comes to kids’ school shoes, one of the leading reasons they need replacement is because the material wears down. Not only will your child’s pair get put through the works on the playground during recess and lunch, but Wave also has to deal with children who scuff their toes against the floor while they’re in the classroom too. As such, your kids' school shoes need to safeguard against daily wear and tear. Scuffed kids’ school shoes are not a great look under a tidy uniform, and they can have a damaging impact on a student’s overall presentation.

Synthetic kids’ school shoes are difficult to mark and have exceptional water resistance. However, leather footwear is more flexible, comfortable, and long-lasting. As such, kids’ school shoes from Everflex often come with a mixture of both materials. Wave is one example where you can see a fusion of leather and synthetic styles. As such, you know you’re getting the strengths and benefits of both!

We make a point to feature the material type of our kids’ school shoes in their description online, so you always know whether you’re looking at leather or synthetic styles.

4. You can adjust these for your best comfort

One of the best things about lace-up kids’ school shoes is the fact that you can loosen or tighten it up as you like. Unlike touch-fastening styles, laced looks like Wave lets you configure the fit across the bridge of your foot. As such, the kids’ school shoes treat their wearer to a more customizable shape. If your children have trouble getting a pair that fits their overly wide or narrow foot shape, then these will be a welcome change of pace.

Have we convinced you to give our kids’ school shoes? 

We’re sure your little student will love learning with Wave on their feet. Still, if you’d like to have a look at some more of our kids’ school shoes, then jump online now! You’ll find all your options laid out neatly on the Everflex website.